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  1. liverpool2978

    aquatic plant question

    There are some colourful "non-aquatic plants" sold in pet-shops that will survive for a few weeks in your tank. ie. Purple Waffle, Purple Temple, Violet,Silver Waffle etc. As others have mentioned, there are plenty of different species out there with beautiful red/purple colour on the leaves. You should be able to find some of these in your local pet store: Pogostemon stellatus, Limnophila aromatica, Ludwigia glandulosa, Alternanthera reineckii.
  2. liverpool2978

    Hello!! Another North Queensland member :)

    Hi Col, always have plants available mate hoping to introduce some nice new and rare species once things start to warm up. Jeff
  3. liverpool2978

    Hello!! Another North Queensland member :)

    Thanks Brendan, I do go down to Townsville every now and then, there are quiet a few aquarium shops there Yes, we might arrange a meeting with other NQ people one day:) Jeff
  4. liverpool2978

    Hello!! Another North Queensland member :)

    Hi Di, I'll see what I can do:)
  5. liverpool2978

    Hello!! Another North Queensland member :)

    ?Hello Di ! yep! that's me , I just did a quick search on my username and I'm very flattered with the positive comments thank-you!! How are your plants going?? I'm everywhere Bob! Once I get some spare time, I wouldn't mind checking out your 40 ponds!!! and your rainforest backyard. Will have to catch up soon... It has been a bit cool lately... growth of plants are starting to slow down due to the low temp:( Jeff Ps Dinki-Di has a new manager/owner!!
  6. Greetings!! I'm from North Queensland near Innisfail. I've been playing around with fish and plants for over 15 years. I had no idea that Qld Aquarium forum was available untill last night. I hope I can contribute a bit of my knowledge in here, look fwd to chat with some of you soon. cheers Jeff