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  1. Hi all, im just getting back into the hobby with an ar620t and figured i would keep a log of everything here, so here it is,cleaned the sand this arvy, got some slate from a undisclosed location filled her and here she is
  2. Ah so you're local, well kind of, im at redland bay. Pet city is good, but i prefer redlands pet centre, always some good deals there. I just bought an ar620t for $100 and im already looking to swap out the compact lights for leds lol
  3. After buying a 620t myself i'd definitely recommend the taller 980t . Welcome to the forum
  4. Hi all, been away for some time but got the fish bug again, ive bought a complete ar620t for $100. In looking at upgrading the lighting, i can fit the larger pl24w light either side with small mods. Or for a slightly more outlay i can get a 60cm aquaone led light, the problem is which one to choose as there are a few different models/colour leds. I would like some basic plants towards the rear of tank and will be stocking with cichlids. I could possibly buy 2 different 2 different models and fit them both.any help us appreciated
  5. Firstly, long time no see, long time member but havent been in the scene for a while. Now, my son wants a fish tank,but he gets emotional at the loss of a pet, so i'd like to start him with shrimp as its almost impossible to get attached to one, will be stsrting with something like an ar 620 set up, plan on using black sand/fine gravel and some nice rocks and timber/vine with plenty of java moss, anything major i need to know or do? And what is a good food for shrimp? Are there any small fish that are shrimp friendly? Cheers
  6. After being in a lovely workplace health and safety battle and fraudulent insurance claims, unfortunately I will have to sit this one out. Cant risk injuring myself and being off work
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  8. I was going to buy some of the 600per m rolls, but was advised that they can very "warm" and not be suitable for aquarium use
  9. This popped up on an fb for sale site, when questioned: its a 2x1x1
  10. Not a fish tank, but this is how bright the 3528 are, one strip on each side http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g425/028NVD/97EB9458-3675-42C1-B270-38A4E33A1BBB-1863-0000013116BDABF2.jpg
  11. I have rolls of both 3528 and 5050 for sale in dry goods if interested, not ebay ones either. Manufactured by hjm led
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  14. Im at the point, where i honestly couldnt give a f*** about how my tank looks anymore, lol
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