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  1. Thanks for the info, I think I'll go the cerium oxide when I get around to it. Scratches don't look so bad now the tank has water in it.....
  2. I think the type of glass also impacts on your options. Was thinking something like this could be worth try?: NEW Windscreen Scratch Repair KIT DIY Glass Remover | eBay
  3. I went to super cheap today and was told they didn't have anything, although I've heard of those DIY kits. Was contemplating contacting a glazier for some advice. If you find anything there would be interested to hear!
  4. Has anyone had any success buffering out or removing fine scratches from a tank, or making deeper scratches less noticeable? Rather than rebuilding/replacing glass. What did you use, how or who? Cheers, Tas
  5. Thanks for the replies. I know it's not typical, but would it be possible the one I can't get out of the log could be female? It's fairly fat/wide like the other one....
  6. Have this 'trio' of L397's - not sure if there is a female amongst them. Here's some pictures of two of the fish and another of the one I couldn't get out of the log. Appreciate your thoughts.
  7. Thanks for the info - great help! Your red cap is a massive!
  8. I've wanted to get some red cap oranda for a while and managed to finally get 4 today - hopefully get a pond for them one day - but have them in a holding tank for now. How do you sex oranda? Here's a few pics.
  9. I've been growing this flowerhorn out for a couple of years; he's in a tank with 5 big loaches - getting along ok. I've thought about selling him a few times to make room for other projects - but I don't think the demand for flowerhorns is out there like it once was (have had him up for sale a couple of times, but haven't tried to seriously move him on yet). What does everyone think this fella is worth in the current flowerhorn world?? What would be 'reasonable' to put him up for sale for? I know it's how much the right buyer would be prepared to pay, but??
  10. You guys will have a great time, especially looking at fish - was one of our highlights lol cause it got us outa the main tourist areas. Ca' means fish - not sure on spelling but it sounds like ca'gaunt (fish for site, not eating). If you dont get the pronounciation right they won't know what you're talking about. Flowerhorn is easy - louhan!
  11. the big fella in the tank with the 'lucky' backdrop was bout $300 USD from memory. That's what they said they were asking anyway.
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