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  1. Wts l134

    70$ each x8 4cm-5cm
  2. Wts l134

    Found 2 juvi 70$ each pickup forestlake
  3. Wts l134

    All sold, thanks everyone
  4. Wts l134

    7 left
  5. Wts l134

    No adults just juvi, please pm ur mobile number and I dock u some pics
  6. Wts l134

    4 -4.5cm x10 70$ each
  7. 50$ pick up forestlake
  8. 120$ with media pickup at forest lake, can see it running
  9. glass lids

    Any recommendations for a place to cut lids?
  10. Hi Brandon how big is it can you send me pics please and how much do you want for it? Cheers jake

  11. Hi Brandon just wonder if you have your peacock mono bass still if so how much are they each? Cheers jake

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  13. WTB blood parrots

    PLease pm with size and price
  14. RPC sell 1 kilo hikari algae wafer for $65
  15. Hikari Food stick

    100 a kilo I think at rockly and 95 at rpc