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  1. Sorry all.. Got 2 pairs left, they are a young pair, over a year old 90$ a pair, will even throw in couple of black\brown cherry shimps with the purchasehhh
  2. 1 more pair left, first in first serve
  3. 90$ for a pair PM number and will send pictures Have advertise elsewhere First in best dress
  4. Any recommendations for a place to cut lids?
  5. Hi Brandon how big is it can you send me pics please and how much do you want for it? Cheers jake

  6. Hi Brandon just wonder if you have your peacock mono bass still if so how much are they each? Cheers jake

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  8. PLease pm with size and price
  9. RPC sell 1 kilo hikari algae wafer for $65
  10. 100 a kilo I think at rockly and 95 at rpc
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hey Brengun, I be getting the Vertex Illumilux from AOA, I let you know how I go witht he white\blue and the while\red.
  13. Not bad, Do you know any sellers in brisbane? or are you going to order from the states?
  14. Ive just been to AOA, and seen the Vertex Illumilux on display. Has anyone on here purchase one of this light units? and if so, what is your opinion. Thinking about buying 2 x 900 Vertex Illumilux for my 7x3x2.7 and grow some high light plants.
  15. My miss loves the goldfish tank, she giggles every time she see a oranda "waddle"