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  1. any on here also on aquarium life - if it just me or is it a general thing?-just get a blank page saying this account has been suspended ?
  2. do they have a website? can't find one-been there a few times and concur with everyone's comments: old fashioned business & service . no sales carry on - solid advice without the teenage fluff & bluff you get at the big pet mega stores---
  3. how hard & alkaline is your water and how are the plants coping with it?
  4. "noticed the trading post isn't a newspaper anymore??" yeh i've had some garden plants in there for 2 months -not a nibble
  5. Hi all a quick search of the forum revealed that there seems only three aquarium magazines? TFH -which i gather is US based Practical fishkeeping -UK? and AQUARIUM KEEPER AUSTRALIA which seems relatively new surely thats not it ?!?! which is worth subscribing to? i gather most are heavily loaded with marine and reef content -which is fine but i don't keep salt water fish anymore -just makes me jealous!
  6. jade perch definately: bullet proof and if you have a bare tank no aggression i raise five in a 4' tank aquaponic style to eating size got lazy and now i just have gold fish all you will ever need to know@ http://www.aquaponicshq.com/forums/forum.php
  7. does the hydrated lime have the same efffect on the african rift lake fish who should be running at pH higher than 7.6? they virtually pour the stuff straight into marine tanks? ??
  8. hi graham please excuse my ignirance - it's been awhile since i did any serious chemistry i'm struggling to understand the mechanism for Calcium Hydroxide (Hydrated Lime) in causing delayed fish deaths i understood it has always been used extensively as a buffer -especially in marine aquaria and is the preffered basis for maintaining ca levels in reef aquariums (kaltwasser) ? having said all this - i have never dealt with the stuff it might seem a silly question but were there any pathology studies that identify what is happening to the fish what role does this Aluminium Sulphate play in the process? - what left of it when comes out of the tap? please don't laugh too loud if i've got it all wrong cheers ian
  9. that seems to explain a lot - where can we get some more info on it ?
  10. it seems we can no longer rely on an established 'feel' for the water any more with QUU mucking around with it -it seems this is now a dangerous assumption as rose and others can atest??
  11. thanks for this post - i was just about to ask the same question - i use a different brand and wondered what brand all the legdends were using;) to add into the mix- what set of test kits would you need for using tank (rain) water - i m assuming some sort of hardness measure? cheers ian
  12. nitrate ~5-10 mg/l nitrite ~0.3 mg/l nutrfin (hagen) test kits pH 7.4 @moorooka was going to do water changes tomoorrow - make ya feel sick don't it?
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. collecting from private property is OK with owners permission i got 1/2 dozen small hollow type bits of wood from my brothers place on the week end. (done this before) i collected it dry off the forest floor and soaked it for long long time i've tried to bleach it too speed things up but for stuff that is already sun bleached doesn't seem to make any difference in leaching tannins? hot water seems to help remove tannins - if you had capacity to boil it i assume it would be quicker
  15. i used it once in my ignorant youth and slouthed a tank full of rainbows like previous posters have said you have to deligeint about water quality - mine is very very soft , acid (6) and with traces of nitrates and phophates and varies a lot i don't bother -too much time, money and effort i use it to top up my ponds however without ill effects
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