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  1. Thanks guys. Yeah I did peel the peas Damn I was doing 20% changes twice a day and some guy told me to stop and slow up on the changes!... God... Oh well. And I almost bought one of those box filters.. Wish I did now.
  2. Thanks Mat Well I've learnt a good lesson for next time. Straight in the 2 foot next time with heaps of filters. The bbs must have been a coincidence.
  3. There are too many other things in the tank.. Other orange heads, cories, tetras, bns, plecos. I'm surprised the eggs made it this far. I'm not set up with multiple tanks for breeding so I was just lucky.. For a bit anyway haha.
  4. Unfortunately they all died over the last few days... No idea why.. Pretty disappointed and annoyed I don't know what happened. Hopefully I'll get mum and dad to do the deed again soon. I've posted about it here if anyones interested: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/help-fish-health-diseases-water-quality-12/bbs-killing-orange-head-fry-79953/
  5. No they started dying before I swapped tanks. I probably lost 20 in the small tank. Then moved to the bigger tank and lost the rest over about 2 days. I know it was a risk moving them while there was something wrong but used seeded filters and only added new water slowly over the day - only half filled the 2 foot for them cause I didn't want to add too much new water at once.
  6. All dead this morning. so disappointed. So much effort went into looking after them and now they are all gone. the NLS was called 'grow' for fry. but if they ever spawn again I will get in contact with the tech den, he just lives around the corner so that's easy thanks for your help.
  7. No I only fed bbs the night before they all started to die. I usually feed crushed NLS pellets three times a day.
  8. Nope, yeah maybe it was the salt... It's just funny how they all seem fine and then every few hours there are 5 more dead. So I remove those, all seem ok, then another group dead hours later. Also, now they have been moved to the bigger tank, if there was a salt problem it should have been fixed and they shouldn't be dying still.... I don't even wanna go home and look how many more are gone!!
  9. Water temp is 26, they sit on the bottom before they die. But all the others are swimming all over the place, right up to my fingers when I feed. I think I've had hydra once before, I'll have a look when I get home tonight. Thanks braddo. Doing my head in. Oh and no I didn't rinse them... I asked about it on here and nearly everyone said not to cause the little bit of salt should do good.
  10. Can anyone help? 15 more dead between 8.30am and 2.30pm. My water is perfect. I don't get it.
  11. Yeah apparently they are really good for geos too. 0 Nitrites.... I'm gonna try feed some peas tonight.. can't hurt... if I have any fry left when I get home They seemed pretty good in the 30 litre. I kept them in there cause at the start they weren't overly enthusiastic on food and I wanted to make sure they found their food. But once they started eating really well (last week) I decided to move them into the bigger tank. I was keeping my eye on the water quality like a hawk but..
  12. I've heard peas help with digestion? should I try? I've never fed peas before..
  13. They had been in a 30litre tank. They are only little, just under a cm. i was doing 20% water changes every two days. since this has happened I've moved them to a 2 foot tank. I was planning to do it this week anyway. had been testing water regularly but no spike. i woke up to 7 more dead this morning and this really sucks. I swear its the bbs. It's like their intestines are exploding. i know it doesn't make sense but. It's a weird cooincidence that I hadn't had a death since feeding that weeks ago and now this has happened. Is there a chance the bbs had bits if shell stuck to them still? i know people swear by bbs... I dunno.
  14. Hm yeah I wondered the same. So I did a 10% water change this morning, and 20% tonight. 0 Ammonia and 5-10 nitrates. But I think some are still going downhill. most if them look fine, all swimming around wanted food etc. but then I keep finding one it two struggling out of no where
  15. I just gave my orange head fry a big feed of fresh hatched BBS last night for the first time in a few weeks. the fry are just over a month old and were going strong. had a couple die early on but none since. So this morning I woke up to 5 dead bubs. Did a water change and fed crushed pellet. Got home from work this arvo to another 5 dead Now hours later there are another 2 dead. And when I think back, the last few deaths I had was when I had fed the BBS. Is it possible to get a bad batch? I know the shells are bad but I've been really careful with that. I'm pretty upset about whatever's going on. All I can say is I'm not feeding anymore of that and I hope they stop dying soon. I think I have about 40 left. I'm hoping I don't wake up to a heap more dead babies. Any thoughts?
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