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  1. hey all cleared u can reply

  2. Hi, I can not reply to your PM because it says your inbox is full.



  3. Thank You for that Tim, He is coming out tomorrow to do it for me.
  4. Is anyone able to or know someone who can drill some holes in some tanks for me? I need I think it is 7 holes drilled in some 2ft and 1 1/2 ft tanks. I tried myself in some scrap lids and broke all of them so not really keen on smashing my tanks. Otherwise if anyone has some cheap 2ft tanks that are drilled in an end I would be interested. Happy to pay cash/ beer to someone willing to do it, Have tried PMing a few people on here in my area that came up when I searched this but their inboxes are full. Thanks Pete.
  5. Two Thumbs up to Grum. I think we would all be lost with out this forum, and I would only have about half as many fish as I do. I have got to meet some great people as well as some great bargins from this site. Thank you for your on going efforts to keep this site up and running Grum
  6. Mine seem to breed with the light on. I move them into their own tank and black it out until they hatch though once I find the eggs. Thanks Pete
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