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  1. Noone cares or helps
  2. hey everyone i have been doing some research and pm'ing a few members to find out if mangrove root will have any effect on my ph level? it has been in a fish tank previous to mine and it was fine. My ph level is 7.2 now, will i be seeing an effect? if so how long will it take to see 1? cheers guys
  3. i have a 2foot sump yet to setup and im wondering what media should i get for it? 1st chamber i was thinking filter wool and sponge 2nd either bio balls or volcanic rock cant deciced which would be better (And where could i buy volicanic rock from) 3rd noodles 4th matrix 5th heater and sump pump all the media will be fully Submerged!! cheers
  4. G'day Im after someone on the northside of brisbane that can drill my fishtank for my sump. (no im not doing it myself would prefer a professional) pm me with any info cheers
  5. Im after juvenile natives like bass, cod, barra, jack and archer fish
  6. G'day guys would anyone know where to buy some cheap Australian natives in brissy? thanks
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