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  1. cannot upload a pic....it looks like white fluff on his head hump about the size of a 20 cent piece. also a small part on his side and a tiny bit on his tail. [MENTION=13189]Chris.fishvet_ffvs[/MENTION]
  2. I've tried malachite green....didn't really do anything. I just put pumafix in. See how we go. Next is probably salt bath He's that big I'll have to use the actual bath. i will try and post pics.
  3. Yeah there is gravel, he's never done it before and isn't swimming as well... Do you think he could have a buoyancy problem??
  4. hey, I have a large red devil bout 5 years old (30cm), he had a fungus on his fins recently (still treating), and now he always sits vertically with his head pointed towards the ground, kinda like a fish headstand. wondering if its the fungus making him act weird or something else. he's in a 4x2x3 with a couple small americans.
  5. wanna sell my L202's I have 1 male 3 female, all different blood and mature. what should I ask for?? I got a number in my head but its been a while since I have sold breeders. don't wanna rip anyone off or get ripped off. cheers
  6. Hi are you interested in a trade for some really good flowerhorn pair?

  7. Gday, I have been breeding bn for a while now and have stepped into the world of L numbers. I breed 002 quite easily and often. I also have 202 that show no signs at all of breeding. I put what I think is 1 male and 2 female in a 2ft on their own. They are over 3 years old and different bloods. Is it possible that not all male L's have hairy tails??? And I have 3 males???
  8. My red devil is about 5 years old and he has recently got this white fluffystuffon his hump....one of his females picks at it, but not in an aggressive way. Kinda like she is cleaning it maybe. Does anybody know what this is and how to treat Cheers
  9. As above i have a 4x2x3 (3ft high) tank that I wanna change over to Africans.. I currently have Americans in it but wanna the swap. I am after suggestions on what I can stock it with (species, quantitys etc) The tank is for display..... Let me know what you think. Cheers
  10. I had mine in there until they were like 3cm
  11. got this fella not long ago, was told the father was sgjd. i'm assuming that's why he has so much blue around the mouth?? I got two of them and the other one is nowhere near as blue. they are about 6-7cm
  12. so this has started growing over all my stuff including the glass...what causes it and how can I treat it. all feedback appreciated cheers
  13. Yeah dried out...and I put it back it a week ago....it only seems to be on that piece and small layer over most of the glass...
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