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  1. sick fish

    Gill flukes?
  2. Brisbane aquarium shops.

    Be Quick I've heard Annerley Aquarium & Exotic fish connections will be closing soon
  3. Thanks....will follow up
  4. Still looking...prepared to pay
  5. Water turn over

    Given its a sump....it will be under the tank? the pump turn over will be less because it has to pump the water 1metre or so vertically Check manufacturers data it should tell you how much turn over you lose due to "Head loss" ps You are correct you get better efficiency with biological filtration @ slower flow rates....that is why air driven sponge filters do such a good job. I'd suggest if sump is Wet/Dry it will most likely be over-kill.....biggest issue will be pump or power failure
  6. Haters in the hobby

    Nothing wrong with people giving advise....they are not necessiarly haters Pretty easy with any advise given that you don't like.....ignore it!
  7. Another option is to follow the wholesalers' web sites(refer my post on 8th Feb).....they get fancy angels in from time to time, but shops in Brisbane may not stock them Find a shop that deals with the wholesaler(wholesaler will tell you which shops they deal with) and order through them. May have to be patient but chances are what you want will pop up. Have a talk to Aquarama too....they import their own fish Pays to be proactive.....;)
  8. It’s not that you shouldn’t buy from fish shops....just don’t expect them to give the best advise or any advise. You can get one sex...personally I’ve never bought one sex of any fish(unless I already had the other at home)....part of my philosophy for fish keeping....you won’t see fish in Best colours unless there are both sexes in the tank.... Tank mates....other livebearers I have kept them with smaller Central American cichlids....and kribensis
  9. I'd suggest you can keep neons in Brisbane tap water.....just not for long They are breed in their millions in Asia (in soft water) imported and sold cheaply......in hard water they die over a few months, so you buy more Its just like the non aquatic plants most shops sell shops get repeat business....it's the way it works Endlers are perfect fish to keep in Brisbane Tap water.... Hardy, colourful, always moving....trouble is they soon over populate a tank so you don't get to continually go to shops and buy New fish. .....unless you buy more tanks!!!
  10. Good idea....cut out a corner post
  11. Looks like a well designed stand!
  12. What water neutraliser are you using?....you need one that neutralised Ammonia....some just treat Chlorine When did you measure ammonia? Some test kits will still read ammonia after it's been neutralised Guppies are terrible inbreed and can be hard to keep alive. I'm just at Taringa....will Happily give you some tiger endlers once tank settles down....much hardier than guppies.....can only be killed with a hammer!
  13. Boil the oats in tap water...then mix in yeast and wait to cool before adding worms boiling removes toxins and breaks down oats so they can be eaten by the microworms
  14. Are you boiling the oatmeal?