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  1. Appreciation of The Tech Den

    Brilliant!!!! I noticed my Pond pump buggered Tuesday night Order New pump Wednesday morning It has arrived..... Thursday Morning
  2. Imported Apistogramma

    Melbourne is the Best Place to breed Apisto's....their tap water is very soft Given lack of imports perhaps it makes local breeding more feasible cost wise?
  3. Imported Apistogramma

    Really? Where?
  4. pH for native rhads?

    If water is soft ...pH isn’t all that relavant it will end up acid....provided you don’t have any alkaline substrate or ornaments
  5. pH for native rhads?

    Soft acid water is best NOT hard water made acid with chemicals
  6. There are many intellectually challenged buyers on Gumtree.....and just as many sellers I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for photos....easy to do these days with phone cameras I've seen incorrectly identified, deformed or diseased fish when arriving to collect fish sold on Gumtree.... A photo saves time and potential embarrassment.....even for common species You know the fish are heathy.....but in most cases the buyer doesn't know you or your skills as a fish keeper
  7. Aquasonic...ProBac BioAid Works
  8. In some cultures it's not ethical for a 40year old to marry a 12year old... In some it is... Ethics are somewhat a matter of opinion/ debate Can't spend your life worrying what others do....you can only control what you do....most times re Bug flour....is it a legal import???
  9. I've seen what has happened in the last 50 years Mark my word...we are on a slippery slope.....lots of minorities with loud voices....squeaky hinges that get the oil....public servants that justify their job by reducing your enjoyment and treating everyone like the biggest idiot amongst us....because that's the easiest thing to do....all that happens is we get more and more and more rules....that smart people don't need and the idiots ignore I used to own semi automatic weapons.....didn't kill anybody with them....was trained by the Army how to use them....doesn't matter, can't own one now Slowly it will change.....eventually imports will be stopped altogether, then breeding in the back yard will be banned.... The "Do Gooders" will keep whinging IMO there are too many idiots...that talk crap...that tend to get the majority of the media's time 50 years time fish tanks will be a hologram....no one will be allowed to keep "real" fish Luckily I will be long gone!.... End of Rant!
  10. For every hobbyist that knows what they are doing....there is a dozen who don't have a clue and another dozen who think they know what they are doing Lots of fish die from the importing process, then while they wait at wholesaler.....and many retailers put way too much salt/chemicals in with their fish and then suck their clients into doing the same!! Good chance when you buy fish from a shop it has been overdosed with chemicals....and can die from the shock of being put in clean water! Hate to think how many bettas die prematurely....tank not being cycled, overfed, no heating....hard tap water + all the commercial additives they get conned into buying The Hobby is cruel....individual hobbyist may have it all together....but you are only a very, very small part of the Hobby
  11. ....You can't....lots of fish die for the hobby to survive...
  12. The Hobby is pretty resilient..... When I first started fish keeping there were no restrictions on what could be imported, I even bought back rainbows from PNG as hand luggage....and was allowed to keep them I remember the Cichlids Club's first import....including tilapia If you are keen there is always something to focus interest on.....and for everyone that leaves the hobby there is a newbie in their place Whilst I'd love to get hold of dozens of species I've owned that aren't around anymore.....perhaps they wouldn't be as desirable if they were readily available??? Shit happens....then you die....;)
  13. I'd just do 30% water change each week till water is to your liking Lowering TDS isn't as dangerous as raising TDS...... When you raise TDS you most likely raise pH.....Ammonia at low pH coverts to less toxic ammonium....increase pH rapidly and it turns back into ammonia I once killed a bag of rare Tangs trying to condition them to a New tank by slowly trickle very hard alkaline water into their bag I would have been better just to equalise temp then dump them in the New tank pH shock is a myth....
  14. Shipping Fish From US

    It has been done..... trans-shipped via Asia however....it was before the latest bio-security Laws which significantly reduces the Asian wholesalers that can ship cichlids to Australia
  15. worms in fish

    That is a bird wormer.....it contains sugar the sugar will create a bacterial bloom that will use all the oxygen in the water...sending it milky the active ingredient is Levamisole..... This does work but requires 100% water change once water goes milky It doesn't kill the worms but paralyses them so they can be passed A better option is a pig wormer (no sugar) Big L or Kilverm Best to treat in a bare tank and vacuum bottom each day as worms are passed may take a few weeks and several treatments Good Luck!