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  1. Rod

    Please add me to the list.....I've spawned Dario dario....;)

    Dario dario.jpg

  2. They are a fantastic product from what I've seen......a Great long term investment. Every other option I've seen isn't as well designed in my opinion. I don't own one.....but it would be the only tank I'd buy to put in my living area
  3. One fish.....large tank.....High nitrates??? Suggest you clean canister and reduce feeding + do water change
  4. Hi Ashton, I'm a Northside boy....dont know the Logan area Moggill Creek has it all.....rainbows, smelt ,blue-eyes, as well as gudgeons and ferals Happy puddling!
  5. Been a puddle pirate for over 50 years.....IMO this is the best way to catch natives You can buy(or make) dilly net (one on the right can be bought on eBay) mesh needs to be mozzie net size or slightly larger Find a bridge or log across a creek you want to fish put 100mm of water into the bottom of a bucket...for fish you catch lower dilly net into water.....if its shallow it can sit on the bottom.....deeper water let it sit half a meter below the water Get a loaf of bread....roll the bread into small balls no bigger than a fingernail so it sinks throw ball of doe (squashed bread) into the wall one ball at a time....10-20 seconds apart. Rainbows, Blue eyes and gudgeons(but also gambusia, swordtails and tilapia)will come and pick at bread as it sinks throw bread so it ends in the net, no drama if the odd one misses. Depends on how patient you are to how much bread you use. the more throws the bigger fish arrive to see whats happening When you are ready pull dilly net out of the water.....select what you want, destroy any non native species and return the rest.....repeat
  6. Quite often white gravel is calcium carbonate.....(limestone). It will make water harder and alkaline.....works for endlers, platies and Rift Lake cichlids that like that chemistry. not ideal for Kribs, corys or loaches....IMO Not the end of the world....but not ideal I like to use real plants to use nutrients fish expel....again this can be overcome by more water changes Often there are compromises in keeping ornamental fish....but...If you want fish to be at their best then minimising compromises is the aim Have Fun!
  7. Kribs are great fish.....colourful with great personality 5ft is a relatively large tank.....I'd go 3 of each sex but 2 males and 4 female would work too (Gives boys a choice of mate) Desirably you don't select all the fish that habitat the same zone of the tank.....kribs, corys, bristle nose and loaches are all going to be hanging around the bottom I have endlers in with kribs.....endlers tend to hand around the surface. Tetras or barbs would work in middle zone.....but other cichlids could work (Angels)....there maybe some conflict but doubt any major damage would be done Hardy live plants to consider....java moss, java fern, anubias IMO...Substrate should be relatively fine(1mm or less)....kribs like to take up sand and spit it out....also doesn't hurt barbels on corys or loaches Consider driftwood (plants proposed grow on driftwood) PS....If you don't mind a drive. Aquarama at Stafford have some really nice kribs atm....they are only small , but have Great colour and are not dear..(3 for $27). Males have lots of spots on their tails, a trait I look for.....not many males left though (I've bought half a dozen!)
  8. Anomalochromis thomasi Butterfly cichlid or smaller loaches
  9. Be Quick I've heard Annerley Aquarium & Exotic fish connections will be closing soon
  10. Given its a sump....it will be under the tank? the pump turn over will be less because it has to pump the water 1metre or so vertically Check manufacturers data it should tell you how much turn over you lose due to "Head loss" ps You are correct you get better efficiency with biological filtration @ slower flow rates....that is why air driven sponge filters do such a good job. I'd suggest if sump is Wet/Dry it will most likely be over-kill.....biggest issue will be pump or power failure
  11. Nothing wrong with people giving advise....they are not necessiarly haters Pretty easy with any advise given that you don't like.....ignore it!
  12. Another option is to follow the wholesalers' web sites(refer my post on 8th Feb).....they get fancy angels in from time to time, but shops in Brisbane may not stock them Find a shop that deals with the wholesaler(wholesaler will tell you which shops they deal with) and order through them. May have to be patient but chances are what you want will pop up. Have a talk to Aquarama too....they import their own fish Pays to be proactive.....;)
  13. It’s not that you shouldn’t buy from fish shops....just don’t expect them to give the best advise or any advise. You can get one sex...personally I’ve never bought one sex of any fish(unless I already had the other at home)....part of my philosophy for fish keeping....you won’t see fish in Best colours unless there are both sexes in the tank.... Tank mates....other livebearers I have kept them with smaller Central American cichlids....and kribensis
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