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  1. got them living in my 110L evacool esky at the moment. Will get a new tank for my pleco's soon. they seem to like it in there
  2. Hi all I have sold my 6ft display tank and was about to take my fish out so i could drain it. when the tank i was going to put them in cracked. So what I'm chasing is a piece of glass 460mm x 460mm to replace the end or a 3ft tank i could borrow for a week or 2 until i can sell off my fish. or until i repair my spare tank. I'm in Redcliffe if anyone can help out. Thanks Josh
  3. I have a few buckets of sand you can use. I have enough in my tank and enough to probably do a 4 ft tank
  4. Looks awesome Brendan. you should have had the bottom of the tank drilled so the pipes didn't get seen. Could you have put in 2 45' bends? this might help flow better? ill be doing it to my sump tomorrow night cause my pipes are kinking too.
  5. Hey Ryan

    What pump do you have running on your tank?

    I'm not sure if i should go the 3000L or 4500L do i need that much flow?

    Ill be getting it this week. If your around ill stop by when I'm down your way.

  6. yeah i thought you would like it. its the only way i could get the heater in. 300W jager is bloody big. So you think i should leave the balls where they are in the pic? where is the best place to buy media? The sump is running in the pic above. i have a 110W pump there at the moment but im not keen on using this alot.
  7. Thanks Ryan ill look into it. I have just about finished my sump I'm just trying to figure out where to put everything. See pic below. shouold i leave the bioballs there or put them in the first section? Should i put bioballs in first section with some jap mat ontop? i have course black sponge dividing the different section. Small second section Matrix? Third section clay ball? or something else. Forth Section coral rubble the into heater section then onto pump return does this sound ok?
  8. ok well i got the tank and stand in place and filled up. im just going to run a canister on it for the time being. my sump isn't to far away from being finished. Has anyone had experience with these pumps? Are they noisy? are they reliable? i have had a look at a few pet shops and the pump are bloody expensive when i want above 3000lph. I also looked at Bunnings but they aren't much better on price. Ill have some pictures and a build log up soon Thanks
  9. All sorted and back together, i will probably to a test fill tomorrow night or mid next week. Also drilled the holes for my stand pipes tonight. Not long to go now and my tank will finally be up and running
  10. Hi Ryan What did you use to join this bit? Did you just cut a piece of threaded rod and screw them together? I have a joiner but it takes up to much room. Thanks Josh
  11. Already have my tank apart. Looks like I'll just haveto put a new piece in now.
  12. That's cheap as. i don't get down there very often. ill have a look around here before i drive down there. Logan is about as far south as i normally go.
  13. That's what i was thinking. Now to find a piece of glass
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