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  1. Oscar Black Ghost Knife Fish Gold Spot Pleco Redtailed Black Shark
  2. Well Ph seems to register at around 7.2-7.4 but even after I put in the Seachem Neautral it still seems to register as about the same. Nitrates & Nitrites are 0... that's why I was asking if anyone would have an idea of tap water in this area. Basically I was wondering (based on some one off comments I've seen here) whether Neutral Buffer is really required :notsure:
  3. I just did a 20% water change this morning (before I logged on & saw this). Now I keep running back to check the tank every few minutes. I tested my Nitrite & Nitrate levels & they're both at 0 (I don't have an ammonia test at the moment) but I've also just dumped in a dose of Seachem Neutral Buffer 7.0 because it is supposed to get rid of ammonia (if there was any in the water). I hope everyone is doing better today... it's just horrible that our little watery families are at the mercy of some guy with his finger on a button who can send polluted water to our homes
  4. Just a quick question guys. I have previously used the following products in water changes in my tank - Aristopet Aquamaster Water Ager (Chlorine Neutraliser) & Seachem Neutral Buffer 7.0 - Based on some info I've found in discussions it seems that the general opinion is that Ph Buffers are not really necessary unless you're specifically aiming for a very high of very high low Ph (as fish will adapt to the water). So am I correct in thinking that I could forget about the NeutralBuffer 7.0 because generally most water would be around the neutral range anyway? Water changes are done with 50% tap water (using the Water Ager to de-chlorinate) and 50% tank water. Thanx for any help guys
  5. Quick question Is it okay to collect your own driftwood. Say if I wen to the river (Logan River) and found branches & roots there would it be okay in a tank (after boiling and/or soaking first).
  6. I got a baby Oscar (6-7cm) on 31st July (Saturday). I had him in an iso tank (inside the main tank) for week because I wanted to make sure that he got settled & was eating properly before I let him out into the general population. I've read about how Oscars can be moody & sulky if they go through a big change like a tank change & I figure being pushed around a pet shop & then arriving at a new house would be a "big change" Now, he was settled & eating & seemed happy enough & I let him out into the general community on 7th August (Saturday). He was fine over Sunday & Monday but then yesterday (Tuesday) he seemed to be moping around the back bottom corner of the tank & wasn't coming up to get his food. When he did come up to eat a "little bit" the other fish (a bunch of 6 Mollies) would come over and my Oscar would just back away. Today (Wednesday) he was just sitting plopped at the bottom & didn't even try to come up for dinner. Okay... so I've now put him back into the iso tank (inside the main tank) & he immediately perked up a bit & started eating a bit. Now, the question... yes there IS a question. I'm pretty sure that he's a bit daunted by the big tank & the other fish, & I have a Redtail Black Shark who tends to chase a bit. He doesn't chase badly & he's NEVER hurt anyone (there are no signs of physical damage to my Oscar) & I'm pretty sure that the shark has chased the baby & scared him. My plan is to leave my baby in the iso to settle & calm down again and maybe in another week (or 2 or 3... hmmm) try him in the tank again. What do you guys think & what is a good way to introduce him into an established environment. Now, some details.... yes, I have a Redtail Black Shark (10cm) & yes, I know they're territorial. I also have a Black Ghost Knife Fish (25cm) & 2 Plecos (10cm each) also 6 Mollies. The tank is 320 Litre with a 1200 L/hr canister filter. The tank is roughly divided by plants into "areas" so the fish can define territories & the tank should be large enough for the Shark & the Oscar to stake out seperate areas. Okay, sorry about the long winded essay but I wanted to give a good picture so I can get good answers. What do you guys think is a good way to help my "Scaredy baby" to join the Redtail & stake his territory without too much drama. The shark really doesn't chase very much but I think my baby is just a bit of a chicken right now. Maybe I need to keep him iso'd until he grows bigger than the shark
  7. Thankyou guys I've started do a "slow change" I figure every time I do a water change I'll scoop out some gravel with a seive & then drop sand in the hole. I'm not concerned about having pure sand only so bits of gravel left in will be fine, and this way I'm not taking an entire day to pull everything down & do a major change. I've done one strip down the middle this morning (looks good)... should take me another 2 months... hehehehehe
  8. I bought a baby Oscar yesterday (5cm ish) along with 6 Platys. When they went in the tank (floated bags, added tank water to the bags, floated some more, added moretank water & floated some more before releasing) the platys all just went straight off on their way but they little guy dropped straight to the bottom. From what I've read that wasn't too suprising as they tend to "sulk" on the bottom after a change. After about 4 hours he was swimming around and looking good. This morning all the platys are doing find but the little Oscar was dead on the bottom, he's been chewed on (eyes, fins & stomach are gone) so no way to figure out what happened but I'm thinking maybe overnight the Oscar dropped back to the bottom of the tank & someone (BGK) attacked him, but the thing is that my BGK is 4 years old 20cm and has NEVER eaten anyone before. So my question is really - I have an in tank seperator (one of those boxes with holes that you can stick inside the mains tank to seperate off fish), maybe I could get another little guy & put him in the box until he grows bigger and gets comfy in the tank so he stops dropping to the bottom where he would be vulnerable. What do you think? Oh tank is well established 320L so it's not "new tank" Occupants are:- 2 Plecos (10cm each) 1 Black Ghost Knifefish (20cm) 1 Redtailed Black Shark (10cm) 2 Penguin Tetras added 6 Platys 1 Oscar (5cm)
  9. His guys. Sorry if this has already been addressed somewhere in discussions of substrate (I couldn't find it). After discussions here I'm looking to change my substrate from pebble to sand (I have builders "dried sand" from Mitre 10 - used for Hermit Crab tanks). Would the "Dried Sand" work okay (lots & lots of cleaning 1st) & my main question is... is a sand substrate okay for the plecos. I see them sifting around the bottom a lot picking up the bits of food that the other don't get at feed time, and the plecos get sinking pellets twice a week as well... so if they're poking around in pebbles they can get the food up okay.. but what about a sand substrate? Would that be okay for them to sift through for leftovers. We had a thought of laying a sand bed in the middle of the tank & having pebbles on the edges. What do you think?
  10. Hey all... I've been poking around here for the past few weeks... doing research for an Oscar (I bought him today). I've kept fish for 10 years, but you know what.. I've found out I don't know stuff... but then you can NEVER stop learning stuff... In my research I've found out all about feeding insects to Oscars (and how they can eat the other fish in the tank), BUT I never knew my Black Ghost Knifefish is carnivorous (and could ALSO eat the other fish in the tank), and then when I dropped a moth larvae in the tank for the BGK I discovered that my Penguin Tetras gulped it down before you could even blink... in 10 years I NEVER thought to drop insects into the tank... sheesh - I don't know stuff... So, hi everyone... I'm here to learn...
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