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  1. chickadee

    What fish can I have with angelfish?

    I have White PLatimum Angels and Diamond tetras the Sheen on Both look great together. ...
  2. chickadee

    Colourful, low tech plants?

    Im just a leaner with Plants ,but Im finding Crypts and Red Lotus grow really well,Have a good LED Light though and dose with Florish Excell Daily.
  3. chickadee

    Eheim Heater Problems

    No they were all good for a few years,then issues now.
  4. chickadee

    Eheim Heater Problems

    I have 3 Ehiem all started to over heat set on 21 they heat the water straight up to 30 great if you have Discus.....,threw them out ,bought the "Chosen "Brand from Aquaholics Friday and its fine.....
  5. chickadee

    Hikari food. Why?

    Yeh wouldn't be without the good old Algae Wafer
  6. chickadee

    Hikari food. Why?

    Was talking to him yesterday and Yes he still says the same Sera all the way ,lol.......
  7. chickadee

    My Super Red Severums 8-9cm juvies

    If you want to Boost the Red in the Severums it was suggested to me to get them on Hikari Blood Red Parrot Food.
  8. chickadee

    WTB good quality Red Devil

    You can still get The Blood Red Parrot Food ,Hikari,Just bought some to colour up Red Severum!
  9. Whats the Facebook Groups please so I can have a look!
  10. chickadee

    What's your latest interest??

    Please list what you have ........
  11. chickadee

    What's your latest interest??

    What Geos are you after.......
  12. chickadee

    Best Algae Cleaner

    Who sells the tunze! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. chickadee

    Scamming scum at it again

  14. chickadee

    8x5 garage display build

    Looks Awesome.....
  15. The altolamprologus comprisiceps there slow growers!