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  1. Dear All, If you have spare microworm culture, please PM me. I would like to get some from you.
  2. OK... Guys... I can see the light from the tunnel... So what is the best silicone for fish tank? I have cut the leaking section... (The Gap) because it grows algeas... So I have remove all the silicone from inside?? All Edge??? Just confirming...
  3. Thank you guys... I live in south side of the brisbane... Stretton Can someone live in south of the Brisbane help me? It normally take 1 week to dry right?
  4. Does anyone able to repair my fish tank? I have leak at bottom edge... need adhesive to seal up. I tried so many time to seal it but it still leaking! Maybe I got the wrong silicone but I don't know where to buy the correct silicone and how do I get the old adhesive join closely with new adhesive... My fish has been in the bucket for a month now. Help...
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