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  1. Can anyone babysit my dovii??? My 6foot tank broke today and my poor fish is in a bucket :/ I love at wynnum west and don't know what to do with my poor fish.... Anyone have any suggestions????
  2. Looks great a couple of sea apples would look great in there with your beautiful blue starfish.
  3. So ur getting out of fish. What fish do u have to get rid of might have to come have a look at this tank you're selling. Do u still keep shrimps?

    So let mw knOw what u got.

    Night Jess :)

  4. cool thanks heaps for your advice, i will make sure i do the waterchange weekly from now on.
  5. awsome, thanks fishjunkie i guess ill just have to keep waiting for him not to be so shy :/ i miss my red devils attention, my fh and persei are both nice glassbangers but not dovii yet. i cant wait for him to get real big i love him, he is in my big display tank in the loungeroom to get all my love and attention
  6. IMG_0210.jpg picture by jessicarosenielsen - Photobucket here is a url to the pic, hey fishjunkie thanks heaps i forgot i had a photobucket account
  7. im trying to upload the pic but says theres a server error he lives in a 6' tank which he only shares with 2 big plecos and i do a 1/4 tank waterchange every fortnight i will keep trying to post this pic
  8. My dovii was bought as a male and is about 6inchs long, but I expected he would be growing faster, I've been feeding him hikari massivore delight to get big, but I'm unsure it's working, he's very shy and hides most of the day :/ please I would appreciate any feedback I'll add a pic soon, can't on iPhone
  9. hey mate im trying to sell my male red devil 30 cm in size for $30 i was wondering if you would be interested in him at all?

  10. dont put a pearsei with a saratoga.... the saratoga will stress it out too much. saratoga can be a bully. Btw if you wanna sell the pearsei to me im keen! I got a big jag and jd in my tank with my toga and he still picks on them. Its true if you want to put a toga in the mix your better off going a smaller one which can mature with the other fish. How big is this tank they are going into volume wise(sorry too lazy to do the calculation)... my toga eats heaps and makes alot of mess, and he is around the 50cm mark so you need to be prepared i reckon you should be fine with a saratoga if there is enough hiding places for the other fish
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Hi, Joined start of August, Have found this an awsome forum to be a member of. Lots of great stuff for sale and great pics/advice and what not. Ive got 8 tanks at the moment in my 3 bedroom unit. My place can sound like a giant fridge at night, but the sweet humming helps me sleep :soppy: Fish I have are: 30cm Red devil 30cm Common pleco flowerhorn colony of 5 plus 1x golden flowerhorn and kamfa breeding pair pair of adult pearsei 25cm green terror 25cm albino sailfin gibby 15cm albino bristlenose 3x siamese algae eaters 3x glass catfish 3x serpae tetra 1x small sailfin pleco 1x medium sailfin pleco 1x khuli loach 18x neon tetra a large striped angel a small white angel a large red spotted gourami a large blue gourami 7x orange platties 2x blue crayfish 1x large goldfish 50+ fantail guppies 3 johanni 2 red zebs 1 red peacock and last but not least a white crown-tail siamese fighter Am still wanting more too.... Thats all from me btw would like to know which other members are in my local area near Wynnum thanx Jessica :hammy:
  13. wow :boggle: , when i snuck down to see them this morning their eyes were all fine, no more cloudiness; that was quick! :woohoo: :rain: now my other problem is i need to transfer them into a bigger tank, but im too scared that they may still die from all this stress. Ive had my red devil in the bigtank and my big flowerhorn in a holding tank so they dont attack anything or each other but now i need to put all these new fish in the big tank and give my devil his tank back without any problems, also i got a healthy large pleco in the big tank too i dont want to get sick. i think i am just going to keep waiting till they are a1 before the transfer, as 1 fish is still struggling to swim. plus my devil is loving all the new territory to conquer! :lafhard: Im amazed they have pulled through considering they were so close to death when i got them i turned the heat up too thanks so much for your replies :soppy:
  14. yup i have already added some salt too.... thanks for your post the worst case flowerhorn which the guy was going to throw in the garden is looking like he is going to fight to live. ill post up a pic, im amazed at how well most of them are doing in such a short time! just hope im not stressing them out, going back to the tank every 15mins to check on progress :laugh:
  15. thanks fishchick for your reply. NO KIDDING about the slimecoat lol. it is the worst i have seen/felt, cool i will stick another filter in there then i had the water at a nice 26deg too, i noticed that did help. fingers crossed :notsure:
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