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  1. around $250 one of the cheapest is from the age of aquriums , brownsplains...well worth the cost ...lasts forever i don't have any yet on my marine just actinics( blue light for coral growth and 2 250w Metal halides i have a coupe of spare 150W metal halides ? average condition ive got about 4 with transformers and everything $50 each or 4 for $190 ( or if anyone else is interested ) what do you think, all work just bought in bulk ..used on my quarintine/ coral frag tank pm me if interested only bad thing about LED's is hat you will need to buy several blocks to illuminate the tank where as 3-4 MH light up the whole tank at all depths my personal preference until LED's come down in price, they are relatively new , so they are developing new technologies all the time id prob wait till next yeah myself to buy LED's throw me a PM if you want soem pics thanks Tim
  2. Cannister, internal , hang ons and filter wool etc are a no go! otherwise everything is good for FISH ONLY, corals etc require much much better ligting and sometimes even a chiller
  3. hi everyone ill be going to a few fish shops today to learn more about marine setups, and take photo;s of the setups AND CHECK PRICES FOR STOCK ( CORALS AND FISH) im getting a setup on sunday from a guy of MASA , best deal ever!!! $350 for a...3ft tank :/ comes with 250w metal halide chiller skimmer sump( with everything!!!) 6 t5's hood enclosed stand saltwater/marine test kit( api) reef test kit ( api) heaps of inverts ( snails, hermits, shrimp, bristle worms, crabs etc) and over 12 corals ( monti's, leathers, zoo's, acro's ad of course a few types and coloured anemonies) and a quarantine tank THIS TANK COMES WITH EVERYTHING AND MORE im sooo excited about it ahhaha so yeah ill be going around to a few shops today my order so far is , Nelsons at hyperdome at around 10am, pet city (hahah)12:01pm , redlands 2pm( if i still have time) and back to mary annes 4:30pm( i live 25mins south of here) so yeah if any1 is going to any of these i;d like to meet up for a chat etc hope to see someone at one of these places ( im using buses to get around as im still a student haha) see you then Tim ill start up a journal with everything i started with and how i transform it into more awesomeness ahaha
  4. where abouts is aquagreen? is it a shop or online ? thanks
  5. Wow when you find out how much and where hehehe thanks Tim
  6. hi i have a small cracked corner its been cracked for about 4 months i siliconed a peice of perspex to it and its perfectly holding and struturally however i will be selling it very soon wanting to know the best method i have the glass, need to cut perfect to size though where do i go to get it cut perfect? also how should i fix it, remove old glass pane and silicone new one on or silicone new peices on inside/ outside of broken ? anyhelp would be great heres a few pics to show you thanks Tim psst -heres the pics you wanted
  7. hi not sure if you recived my other message haha

    im so excited :D in 2 weeks i will hopefully be purchasing

    a 3 foot full setup for $350 :D BEST DEAL EVER!!!

    in contains a chiller!, a metal halide light!, a 4tube flouro tube system,

    sump with all media and refugium, skimmer, stand, hood , heater , 2 diufferent test kits , marine/salt water test kit ( api) and coral tesst kit( api)etc haha

    and 30kgs of live rock, aboiu4 different types of shrimp atleast 10 different corals and no fish ahha

    sorry i did not get back sooner about the fish

    so yeah i would like the damsels and clowns

    and if the damsels get to territorial i will give a few to my uncle who has a massive setup

    its going to be soooo awesome

    so yeah do you mind holding them for 2 weeks or so till i get the setup and fill it

    also wondering if you could take a few pictures of you marine setups

    for ideas on how to setup mine hehe, maybe a few of my new fish :) hehe

    talk to you soon :D


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  9. hey tim, didnt see you at the auction lastnight, it was awesome. Saw your wood come up though, great pieces, man im sorry they didnt sell, all the wood that went up earlier in the auctyion sold it was a shame, i would hve bid on some but by that time of night no one had anymore money left, i went with $400 and bought every bristlenose catfish lol then had $6.00 at the end of auction, gutted i didnt take more they were practically giving a way fish.

    Think you may have sold some pieces not sure, let me know how you went, ps. do you still want those damsels? can throw you some clown fish aswell, if you want them theyre all yours for free :)

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  14. is mick also a user of this forum? is so id like too pm him, whats his name? im also looking for a tank builder for a 4X2.5wX2.5H or 5X2.5X2.5 or 6X2.5X2.5 haha im looking do go marine length and height are not as important as width any help would be great, also need a sump made for 3/4 of the size of the tank i finally decide on thanks Tim
  15. just posting a picture here of my pleco had it for 1 and a half years need to sell it thought i might post it here to clarify its speices, to remember it and also easier to post here then in messgaes as ive found..lol i could not send a pic via message haha
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