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  1. Hi All, I have a brackish setup with a native Eel, Puffer and Flathead. I'm having trouble finding something they will eat readily. I have tried pieces of prawn, raw chicken and flake but no one seems interested. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hi all, Any ideas on what these fish might be? Apologies for the bad pics, was the best i could do. They are from the pine river and are in a brackish setup. Thanks!
  3. yeh toga's, they are stocked as fingerling in a LOT of freshwater catchments. look up your local dam and chances are they are in it.
  4. fluval foam fluval carbon seachem purigen fluval biomax fx5 polishing pads thats a start.. cant really go wrong with an fx5, general rule is mechanical, chemical then bio. but there is no harm in mixing a little bio in different stages. there seems to be a fair bit of media specially designed for fx5 so if you use that with purigen and the good ol carbon and biomax you'll have the best you can get without a sump.
  5. not sure about the jags.. might get a bit angry. peacock bass would go well with the GT's else just get some good old middle americans like: blue acara, braziliensis, JD, super green texas, cuban etc etc you get the picture.
  6. Pleco's will be fine.. they are passive clean up crew.. make sure you give them some zucchini and buk choy as well as algae wafers.
  7. apart from a shite load of money... arrow's are Asian and are popular (expensive) because of there unique looks and in asian culture they are supposed to bring good fortune etc. Toga's are sometimes called Australian Arowanas. unless you are super loaded get a jardini.. there is nothing like 'em. they are cheaper here because you can go to a dam and rip one out..
  8. A consistent environment is good for any living thing. I say yes for winter.
  9. Rena's XP4 is pretty good and cheaper than the fx5. Just depends on your setup and how serious you are and how much cash you want to spend on it. Fluval make good gear, but you pay for it...
  10. Has anyone else noticed the no one has stock of these filters in Australia?
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has experience keeping these monsters together. I want a mono and male dovii but dont want a dead pbass... Cheers.
  12. Sounds pretty good to me mate, I've got the same setup with only one canister and one internal and shes apples.
  13. Either one mate, just load whatever you get up with purigen and quality media and she'll be right. I've had an FX5, XP4 and a cheap as sun sun thing with very similar results as long as you use good media and keep up the water changes.
  14. Hey All, I'm looking for some more red and orange in my Malawi display. What are my options apart from? Red Zebs RFJ's Red empress Peacocks Thanks.
  15. will be fine just have pots and/or caves, drift wood and a fresh supply of bok choy and / or zuchinni and some quality wafers.
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