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  1. 2 Bristlenose and a Borneo sucker doing well. Water seems very good.
  2. Got a Bristle nose, Shrimp, Mystery snail and a handful of Endlers in a freshly set up tank, so far 2 weeks and they're all doing fantastic. Mystery snails in all 3 of my tanks and no issues. Using filter, timber and plants out of another tank. I've done loads of water changes on the problem tank, full gravel vacs, cleaned the filter and scrubbed a heap of the plants of the algae, it seems to have done wonders, so far the mystery snail has lived for a month and grown almost to twice its size.
  3. The filter sits above the water and pumps bubbles into the tank like crazy, there is also an air stone. It's very loud, but it helps me sleep easy being it's right next to my bed. There's no C02 in the tank, the only thing growing the plants is the nice LED light. It could be bacteria, but everything else is fine as well, the Fighter, Corydoras, Barbs Rasboras and all other Tetras seem to be happy as normal. I was told today that the "Black Galaxy Sand" could be causing heavy metal spikes in the tank. It could also be the roof of the house changing with age, or something my rain water tank has turned bad.
  4. That isn't a silly question, I haven't. I will check it though.
  5. In the last 2 months I have lost every single algae eater in my tank. 4 year old Bristlenose, 2 x 2 year old flying foxes, L397, Albino Bristlenose, Borneo sucker, all cherry shrimp, all clear shrimp. I have Fighters, Corydoras, Tetras, Rasboras and barbs which are unaffected. Both of my tanks are going through a massive hair algae outbreak, I have never had hair algae in my tanks before now, my tank has been running for 5 years. It seems that anything that eats it dies very quickly. I don't know what to do. I've done a lot of water changes lately and it seems my Ammonia and Nitrates are high even after a water change. Edit: I feed the fish twice a week, Monday and Friday, they eat everything I give them. Edit 2: I have a Fluval C3 hanging filter, the tank is 65 Litres.
  6. Bought 4 Endlers, exactly as pictured, they're so pretty!
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  10. I consider the Fluval edge to be a nano salt water tank. But I consider anything under 15 litres to be nano for fresh water.
  11. It's so clean that it's pure white! Just kidding, don't think the picture worked.
  12. That's a valid point, however most people don't take pictures with the intent of sharing in high quality anyway. I use Deviant Art if I want to upload a mega quality image with a water mark anyway.
  13. Only thing unnatural in my tanks now are beneficial to the tank. Filter, heater and K1 in a black drinking bottle.
  14. I'm not sure if anyone has done this already, but FaceBook seems to be the best place to upload your photo's to to get a good link to here. You don't have to pay for the service and the photo links don't seem to die over time like a lot of other photo hosting websites do, they only crap out if you delete the picture itself. Nearly everyone on this website has an account on there already. Go to the picture you have uploaded, right click it, {Copy image address} Come back to here and paste the link between the codes . Just be aware that some pictures in old albums may not work.
  15. I had one of these about 8 years ago, but mine was made by my Grandparents in 1996, they have it back now though.
  16. I love fighters, Corydoras and Tetras.
  17. If I was spending that much on a tank and occupants I'd be playing it safe with more heaters in case one gets a flat tyre.
  18. Maybe some lower powered wave makers like they use in salt water aquariums? Pointed across the tank at that specific spot to stir it.
  19. May I ask what fish are in the tank?
  20. Yeah those look alright, the glass is 4mm thick, it's only like 18 litres or something. Just want to put a fighter in it for her and maybe a few cherry shrimp. The main reason she needs a lid is she lives next to a park and the house has no air con so whenever the council mows; the house fills up with dust and crap, so I would like to avoid the tank getting filled up with as much crap as possible. Maybe just glad wrap the entire tank and only have the filter exposed lol.
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