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  1. convicts don't get sick mate, I couldn't kill mine if I tried. On a serious note this happened to one of mine a long time ago, It was almost like he had a stroke and lost control of his tail, I tried to nurse him back to health but nothing seemed to work.
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  3. Ok after a bit of digging from what people are saying i think they are curuhuara spotted Myleus rubripinnis. Would be interested in getting some if people have them for sale.
  4. Damn, they obviously aren't selling them if they are still there. Might give them a call and see if they know the name, wonder if its a hybrid of some form.
  5. Hi everyone, I saw a couple of these fish at a store in stones corner about 6 months ago. They looked like silver dollars, however they were black and had what appeared to be a couple of rainbow coloured spots on their side. I don't have any pictures but i'm sure someone must know what i'm talking about? Scientific name/Common Name/Does anyone know where you can get them? Cheers
  6. I also think that the convict is very underrated, very active with a big personality. If only they didn't multiply like weeds! Also i've stuck my hand in the tank while there was a breeding pair in the tank and the male actually latched onto my hand and drew a tiny bit of blood, fiesty bugger!
  7. borntobreed are they your photos? The 3cm juvies look amazing
  8. so if you can tell them apart at very small but they are not bright blue what differences do you look for? Very small is what: first week,1,2,3cm?
  9. Hi all, for all of those who have successfully managed to breed the Electric blue gene I was wondering at what age can you pick the fry apart? For instance from the very start are they bright blue or do they get to a couple of cm before they get the all over electric blue colour? Thanks in advance.
  10. convicts JD silver dollars clown loaches pleco/bristlenose
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  12. Phew, well my peacocks are around 5cm so hopefully they will start showing shortly . Also I was under the impression that 'pigment or colour feed' was a steroid based food? If not, what brands / where can you buy said pigment feed?
  13. Hi guys and girls, as the title states I am interested to find out at what size/age do peacock cichlids naturally get their adult colour? In particular I would like to know for blue peacocks as I am eagerly awaiting to see my fry get their adult colour. Feel free to comment on different species of peacocks or cichlids in general. I think it would be a valuable lesson to learn to figure out if species have been steriod colour fed in the local fish stores. Thanks for your time and all comments welcome.
  14. Great prices, can you clarify what exactly choc block & punch out is? punch out i'm assuming is bloodworms blister pack?
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