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  2. Personally I put all my BN fry in a 4 foot tank to grow out, again with a bare bottom and lods of driftwood. I feed Zuchinni and Softened Sweet Potato earlyt in the week (Monday / Tuesday) and do a 30% water chage Wednesday night and another 15 -20% waterchange on Sunday night to just to be sure the water quality stays high as BN fry are a little bit fragile at the best of times. My filtration consist of 3 large sponge filters and a small internal filter. These are squeeeesshed out every water change. My survival rates are quite good unfer this regime. Under gravel filtration is good over along period of time once it settles in however to convert to undergravel filtration at this stage would most likely cause greater problems with survival rates. Just my opinion perhaps others that use under gravel filters can provide a little more information regarding thier benefits and draw backs. BN fry also need a little protein occasionally i will put some spectrum in the tank and let them eat that for a day to chagne it up. Algae wafers are great staple but young fish need a variety to grow out and develop. Hope this helps. Matt
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  5. Had a good night overall actually felt like I sat on my hands most of the night but I picked up Ummmmm.... 12 Juvie Kingsizie Breeding colony of Kingsizie 1M 4 F 5 young Orange Spots 5 Demasoni and a random 25 pack of guppies for the father in law (fathers day gift) tried to buy more but seemed that everything I wanted the auctioneers did too....lol.. Got to put a few names to faces whicch was good.... Most amusing part of the night is when Ray picked up 5 rainbows for $5 .. . With great fist pump like he just kicked the golden point in extra time..... Matt
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  8. Pete has mentioned some great points. So just to add a few cents worth myself. I have always used Spirulina flake as main diet but spectrum is also used, probally at 70% spirulina and 30% spectrum for myself. The water conditions must be kept exceptional to avoid any unwanted issues. Water changes weekly (If possible from a aged water drum where you could already have mucked around with chemicals to find a balance but I feel that chemicals cause more issues then they help at times so be cautious.) always start with a good number so they develop a heiracy in terms, never add adult fish to your already existing colony you will be just asking for trouble. I always dedicated my largest tank to the Tropheus species in order to help keep water quality great. I used a canister, Internal filter and two sponges in the one tank to keep filteration high. ( I don't have a sump). I have found that mine were happiest when I used live Plants in the tank, they just seemed to show thier best colours. Cheers AC
  9. I have to agree here, whats the harm in showing what stock is available? We could never see the prices anyway unless we signed in with an account. I don't understand the logic in hiding the site from average joe fish keepers. They basically copied Aquarium Industries...(Monkey see Monkey do) This should cure everyones craving appetite for veiwing available fishies perhaps http://www.livefish.com.au/ Here is a great site for forum members...http://www.ausyfish.com/introduction.htm lets take a trip there? any interest? Here is a good link for beginners for care sheets and info http://aquariumindustries.com.au/fishcare.php?cat_id=116 Well hope this helps people Matt
  10. When I introduced playsand into 2 tanks recently I used the old fashion bubble filters filled with dacron and over sized air stones. This coupled with canister filter and or hangon filters acheived crystal clear water in 2 days. After that I removed the disco era bubble filters. Matt
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  12. Nah Ryan not your driftwood, its still floating...surpirse surprise..haha It was a dodgy thin peice that I had for what seem to be forever and the BN ate it so much it just disinagrated. Never ever seem these tiny bits in the tank but they made it past the screen at the inlet all the way thru the hose and lodged into the small inlet in behind were the the prime inlet is located. Had to remove 2 screws and pull off the part to find it but all is well now. Not cleaning that Canister till next easter after todays dilemmas. Matt..
  13. Thanks Brad as always your a champion. I have since thankfully did the big NO NO and just investigated for the problem myself. I unscrewed a few screws and took apart a few things and Found about a million peices of broken off driftwood splinters stuck at the canister inlet.Once removed and set back up the canister fired back up to where it was before. Sorry for causing drama but after you spend 3 hours trying get your canister working and the warranty states DONT TAKE ANYTHING APART or its VOID you panic. Thanks Matt PS Japes delete this thread....
  14. Hey guys, I purchased a Aquarworld EF600 Canister filter on 2/07/07 from an online retailer. The canister filter runs about 6 liters an hour pace now and I have tried everything to figure out why it is suddenly not working properly. Can any of you send me a pm with a contact for an Aquarworld Rep or recommend a plan of action. I am well withing the 3 year warranty period but have a feeling that if I have to post this back to online company and wait for them to send to aquarworld, send it back, etc etc I'm without a filter for what could be the better part of 2 months or even more. Is this company hard to deal with when it comes to warranty claims? Cheers Matt
  15. Just logged onto http://www.qfas.org/ And it seems the auction date has changed from previous post QFAS Super Auction Saturday May 23 St Josephs College Basketball Stadium Gregory Terrace Spring Hill (near Centenary Pool) Enter Car Park at bottom of school from Roger or Victoria Streets Fish etc in from 3pm start 4pm
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