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  1. you can make RO/DI filters more efficent so there is less of a loss of waste water. all you do is add another cartridge and cycle the waste water back into it. yes it wont be as pure but should be perfect for freshwater tanks.
  2. I did have two IBCs at one stage but now one. easy enough to find for $100. Its just the quality though. need ones used for food. Mine currently has NSW(natural salt water) in it. nobody wants so gonna have to dump it I used to live in the goon bar and water there was good but not so much in cas
  3. What lvl do you have your PH at? I have a 1000lt IBC to store water in. My tap water will make you sick... it is pretty bad. Bat colony and additives in it to kill anything makes your throat hurt. I filter everything. I dont mind adding it back in but I would love to hear the most efficient way to do so
  4. Thanks for the advise. IsaRich I am aware they are old school tech but yes as my sump is large then I was thinking this could be the best way. I was looking into the Ceramic rings and other options but thought balls would still do the same for a fraction of the cost. I am aware of the cost in setting up and would love to hear your input on substrate. Coming from a reef setup I'm sure your cost factor wont surprise me haha Bluebelle I will have a look through the forums dont worry but there is no harm in getting personal replies to questions at hand thats what makes this hobby friendly kalo I don't drink my tap water so I will be using RO/DI water and adding nutrients back into it. any recommended brands??? But yes not breedinng just for 'show' only thing I would like to breed is food haha
  5. Hey all I am coming back from reef tanks and going to transform my 6x2x2 1000lt total volume system into a planted tank. The aim is a low maintenance setup...if that is ever true haha. I have a sump that is set up like the picture below and I am thinking of filling it with bio balls and using the 2 FBF one for carbon and the other... well not sure. I will run some wool or filter pads before the bio balls. I however cannot suspennd them above the water due to the sump design. Is there another more suitable option? Then it comes to fish list and I am after something vibrant i plan to have a coupple of discus in there and otocinclus for keeping things clean and some rummy nose. Now because of the discus I am thinking 6.5 PH and also safe tank mates. What comes to mind from you guys and gals? In a heavy planted tank with lots of little hide outs will I be able to sustain shrimp enough to not lose them all to the discus but also keep up a natural food supply? or should I ditch the discus all together and go for something else? SO I suppose what i need answers/help with is bio filtration advice and also fish list. I dont want an overly complicated filtration set up but just something that will work well. The fish list I am just after something that has beauty but will leave my plants alone. I am used to the beauty in marine fish so I would love to find something similar. Many thanks for your advise Oh and is there anything around to maintaine PH levels? been a long time since i did fresh
  6. I didnt say they were I was reffering to compatable fish for them
  7. Thanks for the advise they look very nice . They are very peaceful though and only info i can find on tank mates seems to be very limiting. I would like to have fish with character and not just bubble blowers haha
  8. Hello all I am going to be moving back to fresh from a reef tank shortly and would like some advice on what fresh water fish to go into a planted 6x2x2. My last fresh setup was mainly africans cichlids. and I have a small planted nano that I will decommission shortly that has just one otocinclus and I love the work it does to maintain your tank. So basically I havent really had anything to do with fresh inn over 10 years so I am a little out of wack and would love some input on a fish list please TIA Florix
  9. Not hard hey. only mod i would do is how it goes into the display so it skims quieter (use the same as the picture)
  10. There are many DIY designs on the net. I remember seeing on person using two pvc pipes (one big one small) placing it inside the other and then drawing water out and into the sump. Then placing an air line in it to remove any air thus creating a proper siphon. If done with black piping it can be invisible too. but after time it would be covered in coraline anyway. This is very minimal and if you wanted more flow just place one in the other corner. here is a pick of what i mean.
  11. Nice little nano there. Join Date Jan 1970?????
  12. What you need to do is create a parallel circuit so that the water flows evenly out all three
  13. First off I would use the small tank as a sump. just place a bucket above with holes in the bottom and make your weir drain into it and then shove bio balls in it thus creating a wet dry filter and also you heater and return pump in the 2'. I would then just go with African cichlids they are nice fresh water fish and will be forgiving on on mistakes made. Plus later down the track you can turn it into a reef tank Sorry I am more into reef tanks now, My days of fresh are reduced to a nano. Oh and first thing I would try is something like this. I always regretted after placing the water in, not making one first. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/5ft-diy-background-101373/
  14. Thanks. and yeah I wanted decent filtration, not a big fan of HOBs
  15. Thanks. and yeah I wanted decent filtration, not a big fan of HOBs
  16. Hello one and all, I have been a member here for some time and today I have decided to share one of my tanks with you all. I have recently set up a Fluval Edge 46L (12gal) nano planted tank. The main drive behind this nano is to create a low maintenance freshwater planted tank because I am creating a 6 foot reef tank soon Filtration: Eheim 2217 5watt inline UV filter Other: I am using Fluval CO2 In the display I have some Mekong wood and Yingshi rock Eco complete substrate The tanks inhabitants consist of: 2 Gold Honey Dwarf Gouramis 10 Cherry Shrimp 1 Otocinclus 10 Maculata Rasbora PLants list: Dwarf Gold Rush Hemianthus callitrichoides (HC) Java moss Anubias Nana Amazon Swords Bolbitis Crested Java Fern Current parameters are: NH3 is 0 (ammonia) NO2- is 0 (nitrite) NO3- is 0.1 (nitrate) PH is 7 Current Display shot Still waiting on a couple of things to arrive and also I'm not happy with the positioning of the fancy java fern and might remove the java moss
  17. I love the idea of this tank. Have you ever thought of aquascaping the tank a bit?
  18. Very good read. I suppose from this 'discovery' you could say we need to be open minded to different solutions because more often than not they are a better solution. Once I get back from Thailand and pimp my car out a little I am setting up a new system. Will defiantly have LEDs everywhere. Liquidg do you have any info on tge growth of plants? As in refugium?
  19. Interesting. I have a pair of CBA in my tank with cerith, turbo, and trochus snails. My tank clicks rarely in the day but more so of a night. I really haven't placed much concern around it because my tank is in the lounge room. Is it more likely to be one of these critters or would it be a mantis?
  20. You think? I recon o can make my setup better lol. But yes very much similar to your words
  21. I think in regards to skimming surface area you are getting two types of skimming rolled into one? There is a protien skimmer and then surface skimming which is done by your weir/overflow box. The bigger the more efficient. Most people use a corner of the tank others position with flow direction ad some make it the whole length of the tank. The length of the tank is best because ultimately you have a bigger area to skim the 'crap' off the top. If you remove this build up from the top you then open up alot of benefits. One more light (sounds silly but counts) two allow your protien skimmer to do a better job. A protien skimmer will work best if you have it so your inlet from the DT is going directly to the skimmer (ruling out need for pump) and then a sock on the skimmers outlet. The whole skimmer in the display working better is strange? If you think about it you need to place the pump under the water, thus losing the skimming effect your referring to. Does this make sense?
  22. The only thing that may be a problem is the bio balls and the filter pads. It will need to be replaced constantly to stop it from becoming a factory for nitrates and alot of other stuff. I would go with a sock on the overflow pipe and if you want bio balls then make it a true wet dry filter. If you let them sit in the water you then can face problems. Also you want a 6500 light for the fuge not a uv because there are two benefits of a fuge. One is as a filter the other is a safe haven for a source of natural food to flourish. A uv will kill anything in it's path and in SW that's not always good. Me I run my uv on a complete separate line that also has my chiller. This is run direct from the display and is in a closed loop style. Doing it this way doesn't rule out the enefits of the sump and it just runs skimmer FBF then fugue then return. Very simple but effective. Also water movement in my 400l display is close 12000. The main thing to remember with water movement is not too much through the sump and the correct placement of WM/power heads or what ever means you use to limit the dead spots which will become nitrate phosphate breeding zones and also to keep your corals happy. This is just my thought and alot have theirs. I most probably like every other reefer do some things wrong so everybody has advise and the best way is to so what works for you and take the advise of others but don't be afraid to try something new, who know it may be a revolution? Lol
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