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  1. Nice size tank. Pretty neat looking too. If you go down the ray path give me a hola I should be able to sort ya’s out.
  2. Jardini on fb would have them. Contact Jason Coe he should be able to sort you out. Price maybe steep but the amount of money it takes to condition and raise fish wouldn’t be cheap.
  3. Brand new 220 I think is the latest model. My 210 is the same as a 220 except the 220 has micro k1 in the centre of it in the static chamber. I would say yes as it holds a lot of media. What I have done with mine is I’ve use a 16-500 pump and some flow goes to a different tank that doesn’t flow into the nexus. So what you could do is get a big pump which ever you preferred brand is and bleed off the main line for extra circulation in the pond.
  4. Hey mate so your looking at 200 nexus ? Second hand ? You can flow a bit more through them but the fast the water goes the less it will catch probably. I’d stick to around the 10,000 maybe a bit more.
  5. I designed a pretty sweet sump for a tank that size a while ago. It has mechanical first chamber then into k1 and then into mechanical and chemical filtration then pump and heater section. Works a treat. It’s a 6-2-2 I wouldn’t go any smaller than that for a tank that size. If you can I’d go new sump as well. Then everything is new and there shouldn’t be any problems.
  6. Nice size tank your planning. I would estimate you’ll be looking at around $5500-$6000 if your planning on getting everything new. 10 times turn over is pretty crazy. The Laguna 11,000 sump pump would do that tank perfectly. Depending on where your tank will be and how cold it gets as to what size heater you’ll need. I highly recommend the schego 1200 watt heater. They are the ducks nutts of heaters. As for plumbing you could plumb the drains in one end and returns in the other. This will make plumbing to and from the sump a lot easier and can save some money on fittings. Now or for the rays it’s not recommended to keep a mature pair together for constantly as the male will always want to breed with her. Causing injury to her and most likely to him. The tank would be a great size for a pair until the male matures or you could keep a couple of females in there for a couple of years until she is too big. Hope that gives you some food for thought. Jp
  7. Black diamond rays along with every other species of ray can not be imported legally. You can own them here just can't import them. If you want one I hope you got deep pockets.
  8. I only use Laguna. Havent had one fail on me yet. So I will keep buying them.
  9. What is the smallest size of the hose your using here
  10. Try taking the elbow off the back of the bulk head and replacing with a T piece. It also looks like the hose first out of the bulkhead is smaller then steps up to 25 mm so the flow rate is justified by the smallest pipe which will cause you trouble as well. Follow cams photos and you'll be on to a winner. If after changing them them and your still having troubles it might come to the case of bigger bulkheads or a smaller pump.
  11. Dennison would be the man for the job
  12. I haven't use a bucket in years. I have water plumbed in and out of my room through the wall so don't even have to open doors.
  13. Big shout out to AOA once again. Great service on the weekend sorting out the pump. Happy I could get all the goodies in one shop.
  14. Walter was 68 cm at the time of his demise. 😥
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