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  1. Mate I am chasing your detail so I can contact you

  2. Hi mate my name is troy I am woundering if this is still avaliable and would you do cash as I have no Americans like 30 or 40 for the lot will get it this weekend thanks


  3. Mate what sort of canister filter you after and liters and hr i am keen for today sunday 0481 165 003 troy

  4. Hi there just woundering if my self my daughter and partner can come and have a look at buy a few different fish just doing my daughter a fish tank thanks 0481165003 troy

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  6. american or native bass yeah yeah
  7. hi every 1 i have an albino bristel nose and am wanting to put it in with my african fry there are about 20 or so fry they have been free swiming for about 1 and half week should they be ok together the bristel nose wont eat them???? the bristel nose is probaly 10 - 12 cm cheers troy
  8. hi every one what can we do about bad sellers i had some one agree to a sale for $100 then said no so i asked what would be a good price for them they came back with $120 plus my pair of blue acra they agreed again then to only send me a txt say not selling now my girlfriend wants to keep them then sent another text sying hay mate thanks for your time but one of her other friends are going to buy them so they have gone and sold them from under me after agreeing to the deal it was a verbal agreement over the phone i just dont think that honest lagite fish breeders or sellers should be posting thing for sale to the pull them out with out any notice of that on the post if that is there intentions then i dont think they should have the privalage of this serivce for some time as it is not fair to make false promisses here is the post Colony of burundi frontosas for sale For Sale/WTB/EOI:- for sale Type of fish/goods:- burundi frontosa Sex(if known):-both Size/Rating:-6-10 cm Breeding:- not yet Qty available:- 8 Price:- 150$ Location:- mansfield Shipping Y/N:- at buyers expense Contact:- 0403272502 Comments:- very nice healthy fish thanks yours sincerly Troy
  9. hay mate moving in to a new place just around the corner from you i was originaly looking at renting the house next door to you but looks like shit

  10. hi every one just would like to know if some knows what breed of cichlid this is thanks troy
  11. hi every one i have a female venustus that has this bone like lump down the full lenght of it's body woundering if it is bad it does not afect her at all but looks weird kind of ugly just that i want to sell the pair but dont want to sell a sick fish to some one here is some photos of her min the quality the camera is shit thanks troy
  12. thanks guy couldnt find it sorry to bother yous thanks troy
  13. hi has any one ever heard of a cabro or something a rather it is black and yellow cichlid that is striped verticaly black then yellow then black etc can any one help me please trying to do some research on it but have had no luck thank troy
  14. hi every one i have an ibc. It is only an 800l one but i will be running it at about 750l.just wanting some suggestions on sump size, setup, flow rate, pipe size for good flow and any equipment i should need. I am looking for a pre made sump to dont want to make one thanks to any one who could have some helpfull info thanks troy
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