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  1. Thanks Steve. for the advice. I have a lot of re-learning to do. Yes I will be using a lot of live rock and setting up a refugium too.
  2. Hi guys, just getting my marine tank set up. I was wondering. I have a ton of K1 media which I have never used. My question is, can I use it in my marine tank ? if I add a strainer to my intake, could I use it my weir ? Thanks in advance, Phil
  3. Hey gang haven't been on here for the longest while. Have finally decided to set up a Marine tank almost 30 years since I last had one. Happened by accident really, I was shoping around for a nano system, when I scored a brand new AQUAONE 150 litre reef tank at an auction recently (insurance stock) complete except for the lights for $150 !!!!!!! . I have a hell of a lot to relearn as the technology has really moved on from the days of my self drilled 4x18x15 reef tank, home made sump, T8 lights, no chiller set up, which I was able to keep with a range of coral, clams, inverts and fish for about 2 ½ years on a uni student budget. My plan is as follows. 1. purchase aragonite sand, test kit, and sump media . Collect seawater. Set up tank/Fill tank/Cycle tank . I have basic lighting for fish only marine tank and will use until I am ready to reef the tank. 2. Purchase live rock and mature tank for a few months. 3. Slowly introduce fish to tank. 4. At this stage I am hoping that I have relearned enough about marine tank husbandry. 5. Maintain tank until established. Purchase suitable lights and a chiller and start adding Corals etc. Time frame from step 1 to set 5 ....8-12 months. The nice thing as I have saved an absolute heap on getting such a sweet deal on my tank, I am already ahead and can afford to buy good quality equipment, that I don't already have. The tank came with an AQUAONE protein skimmer, doser, two pumps, cabinet, lids. So I am off to a good start, I think, those bits will do me for the moment. Hopefully the skills will come back to me on this new project. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Grubby.
  4. Yeah, what do you need to know ?
  5. Pete, hey Phil here. Long story short I just lost all my Running River rainbows that I bought at last ANGFA meeting. Devastated all dead + fry and a big f#$k off dead cane toad in the pond. Wondering if you know anyone who has some.





  6. Anyone got any Running River Rainbows for sale ?
  7. I live at Forest lake and someone wanted me to drop $20 worth of tetra's to Ormiston. WTF indeed.
  8. Hey Donny, sent you a message, take a look.
  9. Why get into that position in the first place. Prevention is better than a cure.
  10. 3 for $25 , they normally retail for $15 a piece. Will throw in a large Silver Hatchet fish.
  11. Sorry, its a Native fish thing. If you don't go collecting in the wild it probably isn't that obvious. I am a member of ANGFA, one thing that is drummed into us on all collection trips is the importance of avoiding bucket burn. Bucket burn is when you take fish from the wild and throw them into a bucket, they get stressed and they swim around and around the bucket glancing off the sides and scrapping away their slime coating. Years of collecting experience amongst the members of ANGFA has found that you have a greater survival rate if you do the following instead. 1 line your bucket with a black plastic bin liner, then fill with water from the creek you are collecting. Add a tablespoon of salt for hygiene reasons. Aerate the water with a battery powered aerator and place bucket in the shade away from the sun. 2. When you catch fish, put them in the lined bucket. When you are leaving either tie up the bag like you would a plastic fish bag or transfer into clear plastic bags and use the black plastic bag to transport the fish home. Darkness is good, its stops them getting stressed. The same logic should apply to transporting fish that you buy from another hobbyist. Don't use a bucket, put your clear plastic bags inside a dark bag like a woolies grey plastic bag. If you notice when you buy fish from an Aquarium, if its any good, they will put your purchase in a dark plastic carry bag to take home.
  12. Yeah Jason, why am I not surprised. The Gummies alway, always turn up with Buckets. They get a stern lecture from me about bucket burn and the fact that a white bucket will freak fish out. Thick as pig sh!t the lot of them.
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