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  1. I don't doubt that I've had a look online and its hard not to have a wishlist 9km long.
  2. Beautiful fish. But I'll pass on finding out how much they hurt. My bullrout is bad enough and he's not even that bad compared to the saltwater versions.
  3. I just had a look on facebook/google and will have to go for a long drive to have a look in the next week. Thank you for recommending that to me.
  4. It's the owner who is awesome but all the places I have lived the agents basically didn't even realise I had tanks and I had 2 6ft, 3 5ft, 2 4ft and 5 1-3ft deep tanks in the lounge room/dining room and I will be doing a DIY thread when I start the 2500L doing a full update on all of it. I also forgot the racks I had in the garage and the axolotl tank I had in the office.
  5. Well I can say my new Bull has also hit me when I was shuffling the tank furniture around. I don't think I'll ever learn.
  6. I've been out of the fish game for a few years now due to personal reasons and moving from North QLD to WA and back again to the brissy area. Now I live in Toowoomba and it's close to brissy/gold/sunny coast etc, my life is stable and I'm willing to drive anywhere. So my questions are..... Where are the best places to acquire good quality fish/tanks/etc etc......As I'm doing a 2500L build shortly but wish to get my hands on around 20-30 other smaller tanks of varying sizes (2ft-8ft tanks, while not having to build every single one) for breeding/grow out/quarantine etc etc? Also looking for a recommendation as to where I can get top quality proven breeding discus pairs(yes I want all the flavours)? And anything else thats changed in the last few years with the aquarium world. Pic of my only tank these days, soon they will get a larger tank.
  7. I've found that because fish are "ornaments" to regular people real estate agents don't seem to even bat an eye. I've had thousands of liters of water in tanks and they didn't even notice but I will tell you what it's like in a few weeks after I build my 2500L tank and have it setup for my next house inspection.
  8. My sleepy cod has been in a tank with a few kuli for months now and hasn't cared in the slightest but if I put feeder fish in they all get destroyed. So I'd say that the guppies are all going to be food.
  9. I'm at about 15 unsuccessful spawns from 3 pairs atm. So Don't be too fussed about it. It will happen with time, love and care.<I HOPE> Heartbreaking that I had to kill the last spawn, due to moving and inability to move them without killing them
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  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. You could consider resealing the tank and testing if it still leaks...if so....get a new one.
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