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  1. Video footage taken by konings. End of clip shows saulosi male chasing a female around. The male definately has an irregular looking "split" bar on the left side. Makes you re evaluate your breeding goals.
  2. I remember you telling me this and im doing it now too lol. The male i got from you is perfect so iv naturally adopted the same standards:beer:
  3. Here's a couple of young males I've bred that are looking up to par. I get about 2 out of 10 that have quality thick symetrical bars like this. Thats enough of a challenge to get me interested in improving these some more. [MENTION=2649]goldenswimmers[/MENTION] what you think mate? [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] my breeding colony is from you Doug
  4. Flowerhorn are generally very aggressive fish and in a short amount of time u may be left with just one but there is the odd occasion they can get along. They also look their best when kept alone too ie. Will show their best colours and kok. A blue background often works best to bring their colour out aswell as slightly alkaline water. Some coral rubble in ur filter is usually the simplest way to achive this likewise not suitable for s.a cichlids.
  5. would appreciate some advice if anyone knows
  6. Id chuck some of your peacock fry in there mate once they get to in-edible size. Will def give them more confidence.
  7. Are there any mbuna that WON'T hybridize with labeotropheus fuelleborni? Pseudotropheus? (Saulosi) Metriaclima? (Lombardi) Cynotilapia? Labidochromis? (yellows)
  8. Good question "where are they now"!!! I sold mine onto [MENTION=7343]Fishunter99[/MENTION] They were just starting to breed with the odd mouthful or 2. And in all my wisdom that was the time i got bored with them
  9. look like young leccy blues to me. males wont get colour til a bit bigger usually 7/8cm.
  10. pretty sure [MENTION=57]DFishkeeper[/MENTION] line breeds for this trait.
  11. Its a pretty awesome list already mate. Not an easy task to track down all those species.
  12. Some beautiful fish in there mate. Wow. Looks fantastic.
  13. mate i like ur work but unless ur are buying WC with certificate or F1 from certified parents im not sure you will ever know. tank bred inbred linebred can/could be playing silly buggers with u here as to who has what colours where. just my 2 cents. nice fish either way whatever u call em
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