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  1. Power head with sponge filter on the end? Just squeeze it out with the weekly water change? Just got an aoa email about a sponge filter sale on
  2. African cichlids, hence the tank upgrade in the future. I realise media, blockages, head height etc effect flow it's more a question of how they come up with their filter specs, ie the 2213 is actually rated the same as the midikani but has half the media and less flow... I guess the question is more why the midi would be rated so lowely.
  3. I would do a water bridge, t-ing off is just a recipe for disaster. Or you could do overflow boxes and run a sump, chill and filter the sump and run up to the tanks... That's a lot of effort though.
  4. Looking to set up a new tank, I'll be running an old eheim 2213 but want a supplement filter as I don't think the 2213 will manage by itself. Been tossing up between a newer 2217 and a midikani 800. What I've been trying to figure out is why the eheim with 200 l/hr more flow but 1 litre less media is rated out to 600 litres and the midikani is rated to 250 litres. Seems like a lot of generous marketing in ratings. The filters will be going on a 180 odd litre 3 footer which will eventually get upgraded to a 4x2x2 so I will need some future proofing in the new filter, I'll probably also get a second one of the same post upgrade and run them on the 4 footer with the old 2213 as a backup.
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