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  1. Got some of that planaria zero delivered today from tech den. See how we go. Dont want to kill any shrimp with copper etc.
  2. Hi all, What is this? Good or bad? Its on my Java moss. Thanks all, Josh.
  3. Its not too high, just wanted to check to reduce it a little now and know that I can use it if I need to in the future.
  4. Hi all Just looking to reduce my ph. Anyone used blackwater extract with crs? Thanks, Josh.
  5. Thanks heaps mate. I was thinking of going down that way, just needed to know as I thought a tank full of blue and yellow shrimp would look prity awesome. But Blue/Yellow and CRS would also be awesome.
  6. I think i know the answer but I was wondering if you could have Yellow cherries and Blue cherries in the same display tank, would they breed and if so would you get a mix of blue and yellow or blue, yellow and red? Furthermore, as I dont intend to seperate/line breed, would any of the colours get bred out? Thanks Josh.
  7. ? What the. isn't that an endler? Where did you get it from? Looks more like the result of male endler cross female guppy. anyone else thinkin the same thing?
  8. True. ill see if he can post one in the water.
  9. This was sold to a qldaf member as a male L397. What you think? I thought it would be best to put it online to see what everyone thinks. Me, not sure.
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