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  1. I need a 4 foot tank. Just tank. Txt me what you got please. Prefer around Logan, Sth Brisbane Qld.
  2. I don't know if you are still interested or not but I have 2 males that have just reached their adult size available for sale now.
  3. Cheers everyone for your suggestions and help. Much appreciated.
  4. Well that all depends on price really.
  5. Hi everyone I am chasing any Endlers apart from these ones.. French Blue Star, Taiwanese Blue Star and Emerald Exotic Tigers which I already have. I am after anything exceptional. Please inbox me.
  6. Awesome stuff Pet City
  7. L333 are meat eaters. They should be on carnivore pellets. It's a wonder they are alive. Forget the algae wafers and zucchini. Also use sponge filters instead of a canister.
  8. Hey Travis ... is it at all possible for u to send me pics to my mobile please of the different sort of guppies u hve for sale and how much ea? Cheers 044 900 94 98

  9. Re yr 202 trio. How much r y asking also can u please send pics to my mobile 0449009498. Cheers

  10. Ok I have found out they need to be injected with hormones to spawn. Just after advice not criticism.
  11. Re: Synodontis Ornatipinnis. What I need to know is firstly how rare are these catfish? Secondly, I know they had them at a lfs for $700 ea and I just recently purchased 2 for $300+ YET some one is claiming they can sell juvies for $8 - $15 but has no photos to prove the fry. I find that price for the juvies absolutely ridiculous and I think this person must be pulling their chain. Or should I say... does that sound feasible? Anyway.... any feedback would be appreciated as they are an awesome Catfish. Not looking into getting into conflict over this... just wld like advice.
  12. Hey hi there. I'm just wondering whether or not you still have your 3 Synodontis Ornatipinnis?

  13. sej66

    Have u still got that orange spot bn for sale?

  14. About yr orange spot bn. How much for the pair hun?

  15. I'm interested bulldrag76. would like to pick up today. 0449009498 give me a quick call as cashed up

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