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  1. Yeah I knew it to be a fallacy, it was on a Facebook page where a guy tried to troll someone I sold my old lionfish to. She has a beautiful coral tank and he was saying things like "I hope you don't like your corals because with the lionfish in there they will all die" etc. his reasoning was excessive amounts of phosphorus being produced by the lionfish. I have never known them to produce anymore waste than any other predator of fish for that matter. I was also told by the person that I had sold the fish to that she was also told by someone she holds in high regards for reeling said "in 30 years of reeling I have never seen it work (lionfish and corals)". Now I'm thinking they are connecting the wild overpopulation of lionfish and the decimation of natural reefs with that of our home aqurium variety without having the relevant information/experience in that area.? I thought I would just bring it over here as it actually starts arguments on said Facebook page but here we can be civilised and have an adult conversation. cheers.
  2. Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the help. I'm not really going to treat it any different than I would a sensitive fish like a tang or an angel. I'm going to match water pretty close and then go from there to make the transition as quick as possible.
  3. Hey guys. A recent discussion has come up with adding a single ~15cm lionfish to an established 500ltr coral tank will cause death to the corals. Can anyone here elaborate on such ideas? Has anyone had experience with lionfish in mainly coral tanks both sucessfull and unsuccessful? What are your thoughts on this? TIA
  4. Just that sharks generally need water flowing over their gills as they don't really possess the ability to pump water over them themselves. I could be wrong with this species of shark, just as a rule of thumb. my concern is the oxygen depletion during the combined transport and acclimation period. I'm just going to treat it as a sensitive fish and take precautions as such. As age of aquariums suggested I could knock down acclimation time by comparing tank tests and adapt accordingly.
  5. Yeah oxygen in the transport tub is my concern. I am over an hour from it's location so it's already going to be in it for longer than I would like. Being an epaulette shark it's adapted to lower oxygen saturation but doesn't make it any more relieving for me. Would I be better off with a battery operated air pump or would a regular 'swish' of the water suffice? Not new to fish just new to sharks. TIA
  6. Hey guys, long time since I have posted here but wondering if there is any shark keepers out there who have any tips on acclaimate an eppaulette shark. I'm getting one on the weekend and worry about putting a shark through a drip acclimation. Bassicly my concern is having it a bucket any longer than I have to. thanks in advance
  7. Hey forum goers, just cleaning my 300ltr and started noticing some kind of aenenome looking "growth" on glass and in overflow. I have battled my way through aptasia and hoping that it's not an aptasia "bloom". How do you go about ridding these animals, as I don't want to go wiping them away having them start popping up elsewhere and in larger numbers. If it is aptasia am I better off waiting for them to get larger and hit them with aptasia x like I have the others? Or is there a more effective way... Cheers, Matt
  8. Tank in progress, from start to live rock. Currently 4ish weeks old and progressing as per expected. Yet to get some proper l.e.d lighting for it, everything in progression... Cheers, Matt
  9. Hey guys, went and seen the shop today and believe it could have even been the temp changes the coral went through from shop to home tank. As a novice I wasn't running any chiller on the tank as it's just a nano, owner runs tanks around 23c and unfortunatly my tank can peak out around the 26ish range, maybe even higher during the day and it fluctuates. I would trust his corals and have never seen anything undesirable in his tanks. I am currently setting up a 300 ltr tank with 100 ltr sump and have ordered myself a 1/4 hp hailer chiller. I'm really trying to set this tank up right. As heart breaking as it is I have summed if up as a learning curve. I have put off getting any more corals until I can maintain everything including temps. My water parameters are quite balanced and I have just invested in some seachem reef advantage as I noticed calcium is down to 400ppm, will be dosing tonight. Really don't hold much hope for this scollie but it still looks good as part of the live rock landscape. Thanks to all for the replies... Cheers, Matt
  10. Tank is 400mm deep, and scollie is about 300mm from lights. Lights are pre installed LED's in a reef ready 80ltr tank. Looking up brown jelly I would really be suspecting that be the case. In efforts to save it I'm setting up a 40ltr Q tank. Using 1/4 water from the display tank and 3/4 new water. From here I'm still unsure as to what I'm going to do to "remove" the jelly. Some sites suggest "sucking" it off and some suggest specific dips and potions. As it's 8pm I'm just going to run a bare bottom tank and try clearing some of the jelly off in some seperate water before putting in the Q tank... I paid 30 for it with the shop saying its a 100 coral... Was sold to me as a "bleeding heart" scollie. I have made all my purchases from here so far and they are really helping me towards this and my future 300+ ltr, 100+ ltr sump tank hence the good price... Cheers Matt
  11. Hey guys, just scored a new scollie from my lfs. Just have a few question about it. Now I got this "cheap" off my lfs as I have a good relationship with the owner. But long story short what's this scollie doing? To me it looks like it may be dying compared to when I first got it 2 days ago, but any info would be great... It is still showing great colour but some of the edges are starting to bleach and it's looking fleshy and "stringy" is this looking normal? Cheers, Matt. API reef master tests are showing good results but truthfully I know nothing about the care of this coral, I got it on a whim and would like to keep this coral looking as nice as what it looked like in the fish shop...
  12. P.s sump fits under the stand and is also not divided in any way. Would I Need to silicone in dividers for any reason?
  13. Hello fellow reefers, I'm looking to setup a new 300+ltr tank with a 100+Ltr sump. I currently have a 80ltr reef tank and would be looking to transfer any live rock and fish into it. Now this is a 2 part question 1, what am I going to need (mechanically) I'm tending towards a syphoning overflow box so I don't have to drill the glass. What would I need to setup the sump? 2, What costs am I looking at for setting it up excluding the actual tank contents (live rock, base rock and substrait) Any questions, comments questions and concerns are all welcome... Cheers, Matt
  14. P.s. Sorry for the double posts, I'm having some technical issues with my internet connection at the moment...
  15. Hey guys, been a little while since last post but i have noticed some of the live rock is actually starting to grow some kind of coral. I have been noticing it glow under the lights. Just wondering if anyone could tell me what I'm looking at here. I have had success at controlling aptasia and now I feel I'm heading on the right track with the tank (finally). As a marine noob it would be nice to see what some of you more experienced reefers think of my tank. Would I be ready for a bubble tip at this stage? Water paramiters* (sp.) have almost been spot on for several weeks now with salinity at 1.023~ 0, 0, 0 on ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. Ph sits around the 8.4. I'm looking to complete it with some clowns and a bubble tip anenome. Cheers, Matt
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