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  1. That sucks, but good you gave him a last place of care and love, I don't mind about the thread hijack
  2. Ryou can see the picture? Photobucket is doing my head in... Nah my dog pretty much always looks like that if you get him to pose for the camera. And screw Dr Harry, that guys an idiot. My dogs allergies are easy to handle, but there's only a couple of dog soaps that he doesn't react to
  3. So I went in to AOA with the decision to not buy anything, just looking and saying hi. There's nothing I need right now for fish and so definitely not purchasing. Somehow I still left $20 poorer with an awesome smelling dog soap in my hands. They will be happy to gear that my 16 year old allergic to virtually everything dog did not have a reaction to the soap
  4. Omg daiso is like my favourite store!
  5. This is a basic one but I'm always surprised how few people know this trick For those canisters that you have just cleaned out, set back up as normal and instead of filling the canister, spilling water, struggling to get bubbles out, or any of that standing around with a hose business, simply chuck a small powerhead on the intake hose and wait/walk away till the water is coming out bubble free from the canister outlet, then just switch the canister on. If you forget to come back the canister still has aerated water going through so your bacteria will be fine still and only using the tank water means no overflows. Simples.
  6. If it's just a plant grow out tub, why wash it at all? In fact, I would be mixing in some cow poo to the first layer of sand. Plants will love it
  7. [iAPLC] Online Application is now open. Are you ready for IAPLC 2016?! The online application is now open for you. Come visit the contest official website to proceed your entry. The closing date of submission is May 31, 2016. Please take your time as much as you need to prepare; however, the line would be extremely busy on the very last day of application and it may take extra time to upload your photos etc. Thus it would be safe to apply earlier. We’re very much looking forward to seeing your masterpiece! IAPLC official website: EN: http://en.iaplc.com/ CH: https://www.iaplc.com/cn/ There you have it, just one upload of your planted tank away from becoming a star maybe... Go for it, would be awesome to see another qldaf-er in the next book.
  8. Smicko is spot on, there are heaps of different types of synodontis cats. My faves are the cuckoo's and I've always thought they look great with fronts. Best bet is to just put the fish that thrive together in the right situation together. Fish keeping should be as stress free as possible, so set yourself up for success by not trying to struggle against the fishes natural environmental preferences
  9. Technically taking a pest species outside of the riparian zone (the couple of meters from the water edge) alive can still land you in big trouble. Personally I wouldn't use live feeders if possible, and never ones collected from the wild. There are so many parasites and diseases that once you treat them for everything, you may have well just bought a good quality food that hasn't been chemical bombed.
  10. @Pineapples perhaps a bit more research is needed before trying to change the tank parameters. Here is a good spot to start http://www.liveaquaria.com/PIC/article.cfm?aid=60 And http://homeaquaria.com/brackish-water-aquarium-basics/
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  13. 1) they will do best in a species only tank. Snails will die in brackish and any shimp that does OK will also likely eat the eggs. 2) brackish can be very different in some ways, best to do a heap of research on brackish tanks. 3) I would only put one more if any bumblebees in there, they like their floor space and won't use much of the rest of the tank. Ages ago i read that importation of makes only was allowed into Australia, near impossible to police as there is no clear visual difference unless they're spawning. You would likely have the same chance at sex from anywhere.
  14. Please please please use dechlorinator. "Aging" water is not sufficient in Australia. The fish will thank you when you stop poisoning them and the filter bacteria each time you do a water change.
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