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  1. Thanks for everyone's input. And to set things straight, the one I saw that was canibalized was indeed alive. It was one that looked like it was stuggeling to swim and actually thought it was dying. Then the male/father saw it and litterally body slammed it with its mouth and then swam away. No traces was left. I was like and i wished i had recorded it. Apart from this one time I haven't witnessed him doing it again. There is no other fishes in the tank, I got rid of (traded) the tiger barbs cos i saw one go in the cave and come out with 3 eggs in its mouth. So far there is two I can see alive and well. Yesterday, I saw one, just one corpse (i think) it was heavily attacked with fungi and looked like there was a tail in there too. So I cleaned that up. SO, I have came to a couple of conclusions from everyone's help here. 1) Iritated male/father. Constant torch lighting in the cave. Even high intesity DSLR camera flash. I was so excited so I kept on checking up on them and it didn't help not knowing that the male needs some peace. 2) Dirty water. I was doing 5-10% water changes every 4-5 days during this process but may have over fed (thinking maybe the male is hungry - hence canibalizing). Cos I saw a mini centrepede looking thing the other day (1cm long with legs and all). 3) First time male/father who has no effin idea what his doing. First time Dad over 18 months with the female.
  2. Hi all, first post and hopefully many more to come. Over the last couple of days/weeks my cave of bn eggs has gone from 40 or so to 15, then from 15 to 11. Then when hatching was taking place I was at work and when I got home there was like 5 eggs left and one hatched swimming fry. So I was watching the last 5 eggs hatch, then I placed them in an open clear plastic isolation tank (for betta's) at the bottom of the tank. Next day I could only see three, and whilst looking for them one of the ones was eaten by the male! Swear to god, I couldn't believe my eyes considering what I have read online about breeding bn's. Now to this day I have one left, in the isolationg tank now hanging on the side of the tank with the slotted lid closed. Is this unusual? or common? Has this happened to anyone else? Will this continue? Thanks Anthony
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