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  1. hey are you still doing black moscow guppies?

    1. pandapete


      no sorry mate , no longer doing livebearers cheers


  2. Sent you a message about marble longfin pete.

    thanx jas

  3. Hi just wondering if you had any black cherry shrimps for sale? I'm located in Upper Mt Gravatt, so not too far way :) thanks in advance

  4. I will be bringing chocolates, yellows, blue velvet (red rilli gene), blue gene red rilli, orange, blues (from blacks), red rilli (blue gene), sunkist, blue velvet(from Blue Dreams), blue gene carbon rilli, snowballs, bloody mary, and orange rilli....... so bring a shopping trolley with you mitch lol and some blue dream culls that enough for you [MENTION=4447]wickkyjr[/MENTION] ?
  5. well I'm considering bringing along about a dozen varieties of cherry shrimp, not sure yet as I dont know if there is a big demand for them .
  6. The facts of the matter are : 1. it was my gold vine and mopani driftwood 2. Robert went OUT OF HIS WAY to take it to the auction on my behalf 3. He's a mate of mine that bought it before I had decided on a reserve price 3 hours before the auction started 4. He delivered L10a red lizards and yellow cherry to another mate at the auction ( who bought them a week before ) 5. He even went to The Tech Den to pickup 4x Buckets of Flora and 3x bags of shrimp soil for me and delivered to John 2x boxes of fish as well So without knowing the full facts it is not wise to kick up a fuss I gave Robert 2x peppermints and 10 x yellow cherry for his effort and now after reading this post I feel guilty and should have given him the gold vine as well !!! as for the bargains being the only reason you go to the auction is exactly why I dont bother going to the auctions anymore several pieces were passed in at $10 ( a bargain ) which surprised me as for the Mopani wood I thought that everyone who has L no. Catfish would have jumped all over it it , as I have used it exclusively with breeding many L no.'s with great success I have come to the conclusion that taking items to the auction is a waste of time for me and the fact that they were passed in only confirms to me that Bargain Hunters who want everything for next to nothing have driven away breeders like myself. why waste a whole day and night bagging fish and sundry items and selling them at the auction when you can take the same fish x 100 to the wholesaler and get more per fish than what you get auctioning If I had have gone to the auction I would have taken L10a, laser green cory, royal whiptail, panda cory, appisto cacatoides and borelli, pepermints, marbles , longfin albino common and marble upto 12 types of cherry shrimp etc etc easily 60 lots and maybe get $500 and bring some lots home too ! , or take 50 - 100 of each in 3-4 hours to the wholesaler and get 4x that and more. Most items sold at the auction are generally cheaper than retail which in itself is a bargain so I cant see what you have got to complain about !!! there were 3 pieces of gold vine passed in and I'm perplexed as to why you didnt snap them up for the Bargain your complaining about. the auction finished very early and there were vastly fewer lots which impacts on the Club holding the auction and the sellers, its for these reasons that I cant see the auctions continuing in the future No sellers No auction its very simple thats my 2 cents worth Thanx Robert for doing me a huge favour !!!! cheers pete
  7. should be good to catch up with a few people, I'll be taking royal whips cacatoides l/f marble and albino, s/f marble and albino, some bigger b/nose (pairs) L134 peppermints and some cherry shrimp cheers pete
  8. It seems the Caboulture auctions always coincide with an event. Valentines day ( Im single and I dont care for the commercialization) fathers day the next day , riverfire etc get the calender out and find a Saturday without a huge sporting evet ( was up till 4.30 am watching the World cup Aust v Eng replay highlights) when there is a huge event on like the Chinchilla melon festival no one turns up!!
  9. A big problem I think is the $2 increments ( I believe this was brought in to save time ) if the reserve is $10 and 4 people put there hand up the bidding goes 12,14,16,18 for the first bidder to make the next bid he is asked to bid 20 double the reserve ( great for the seller) but can put the first bidder out of contention. when Jodie offered the L10a red lizard whips for $20 and the increments were $1 the bidding was brisk and they sold in 30 seconds for double the reserve. if she had have asked a starting price above the reserve say what they sold for and no one put there hand up and then asked for 35 and still no bid and then asked for 30 and got a bid that as was seen on the nite would have taken longer. eventually they probably would have sold for double the reserve. if they were a common fish that would clearly have wasted a heap of time. go back to the old days where there was a brief description of the fish announce the reserve and have $1 increments. the auctioneeers have the only control over how fast each lot is auctioned for. Less repetitive descriptions for items that have been up previosly in the nite. zero description on driftwood what you see is what you get. If the auctioneer is selling their own or their mates fish then less commontary and less begging for bids should be the norm for one and all. Negative auctioning and begging for bids just wastes time and doesnt promote an atmosphere that is exciting to be witness to, it only promotes people sitting on there hands waiting for the auctioneer to lower the reserve several times before there is an opening bid. It quickly becomes a very boring event when there is no active bidding. The red lizard lot was the most exciting lot for the whole night 20 bids 30 seconds all over. Say no more. if the majority of the lots were auctioned that way then everyone there would have had a great experience for the nite and would hold there breath waiting for the next auction Make it an event once again and not the boring farce that it was.
  10. it would seem the rules are.... " there are NO RULES " when it comes to the auction. Mates are definately looked after at the detriment to the pure hobbyist/breeder and the general public. At the time letter M was concluded 50% of the auction time had been dedicated to the Mate Wholesaler. Every effort was made to coerce bids from the audience to sell letter A and M, the only thing the auctioneerdidnt do to get a bid was to mingle with every member of the crowd and beg for a bid. No wonder letter A finished at 6.30pm It seemed to go on for ever and makes me wonder if there were more than 60 lots ( the limit). and that lots passed in were re auctioned at the end of A's lot ( eg the bifrenatus) at least 3-5 mins was dedicated to that particular lot. Thats where the time was wasted!!! As for my letter H two other letters jumped the Que I and J before my lot was presented. In all fairness it was explained to me that it was a first time helpers honest mistake, and I have no qualms about that. we all make mistakes! my biggest gripe was the mathematical process Steve used to sell all three lots instead of two. I had 3 bags of shrimp with a reserve of $15 a bag. it opened at $20 and there were no bids... ( this seemed to happen all nite... opening bids were dropped lower and lower until a " Thats the lowest I can go comment " procurred a bid. Then 2 bids were recieved making the highest bidder taking 2 bags for $19 each. ( $38 total ) Steve then offered the third passed in bag to the winning bidder take all 3 bags for $15 a bag ( $45 total ) so the winner was to get the 3rd bag for less than 1/2 the reserve $7 as I complained Steve then came down the front where I was sitting and he informed me with no scope for negotiation that he had been auctioning for years and that he knew what he was doing and not to tell him how to auction. I simply tried to give him a lesson in Mathematics ( I have an accounting degree and was a Supervisor at the Taxation Department for 5 years ) even when Graham Day was getting my payout ready he was using a calculator and I added up the page of figures by the time he was inputting the second figure... Mathematics is one of my forte's. 2x $19 = $38......less 15% =$32.30.... 3x $15 =$45... less15% =$38.25 if I had agreed to Steve's mathematical prowess that makes the last bag worth ( $38.25 - $32.30 = $5.95 ) my reserve of $15 makes each shrimp $3 ( 5x shrimp per bag) if the last bag had of sold for Steves asking price $5.95 I would have actually recieved $1.19 each shrimp .It should have been passed in and then I could have the oppertunity to sell them elsewhere for $8 each all day every day anywhere in Australia. After the comment from the crowd " put the gloves on " Steve informs me that he will no longer sell my fish at future auctions. Maybe we can have a public poll.... should I go to anymore auctions???? Hmmmm I think NOT!!!!! There were more pissed off sellers there than ever before!!! Many lots were withdrawn and after talking to a few people today towards the end of the night was a farce for the remaining sellers that courageously hung around. This could seriously be the death nell for the auction.... coz if there are no sellers then there is no auction. just my 2 cents worth
  11. [MENTION=14516]NMT[/MENTION] a pic of whats avail
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