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  1. haha bidkev, a have the same problem with fry getting behind the background. Impossible to catch them.
  2. Hello Troy, I use a Universal 3D background for my 6 foot african aquarium. The background is actually designed for water to flow through (porous material). I use a wavemaker behind the background to help with the movement of water. I also added a secondary canister filter inlet/outlet behind the background (ready to go for my emergency tank - fully cycled) Hope this helps
  3. Just a couple of updated shots of my 6 foot African Cichlid and Planted tank Enjoy!
  4. I just setup a pressurized co2 kit for my planted tank, and I have left my air pump / air curtain on 24/7. Works for me...
  5. directly from the site, it re-directs you to international orders.
  6. Check out the link posted by mightymash, it explains on how it works in greater detail.
  7. Yes, Vodka/ethanol or sugar syrup mix. It helps produce the algae bloom within the filter which feeds on nitrates. Re, sump setup you would place the denitrator pump near your sump return and let the outflow drip on the surface at the end of your sump as well. The effluent only contains co2, so needs to be aerated or placed where there is large water movement.
  8. I have been using the large aquripure denitrator for nearly twelve months now with mixed results. I have a 6 foot African Cichlid aquarium which is overstocked. I found I get the best results now by feeding vodka every two days 10ml. Only feeding once a week still gave readings of nitrate coming out of the filter. My other filtration includes an FX5 canister filter and a 2000lph internal power filter. I still have nitrate readings in my tank but never more then 20-30ppm. Ideally I would love it to be 0. I also still perform weekly water changes. It does not help either when my town water contains 10-15ppm nitrates.
  9. Here is a quick snap shot of my aqua one planted tank. I have found the lights to be enough, but supplement with Seachem Flourish, root tablets and a Co2 Kit.
  10. That is an awesome stup Shon982, looks as big as mine. Are u using the inbuilt lighting? What filtration are u running? Where did u source your rocks from? Johnno
  11. Just though I would post some pics of my 6 Foot Afican Cichlid setup. Details - 6 Foot - 400L - Curved front aquarium Lighting - 6ft quad tube light (2x D-D Giesemann Midday T5 39w and 2x D-D Giesemann Aquapink T5 39w) + blue LED Moon Light Filters - Fluval FX5 external filter, 2400L/ph Orca internal filter with a UV steriliser driftwood with Anubias, volcanic rock with Anubias Substrate - 5mm Crushed Coral 3D rock background made by universal rocks Heater - 300 watt Eheim Jager Heater Aquaripure Large Denitrate Filter Fish Include - Gold Spot Pleco Bristlenose Catfish Clown Loaches "Yoyo" Loach (Botia almorhae) Synodontis Petricola Red Top Zebra (M. Greshakei) Cyrtocara Moorii - Blue Dolphin Cynotilapia Afra Cobwe Labidochromis Electric Yellow Melanchromis Maingano Protemelas Taeniolatus Red Empress Pseudotropheus Acei Msuli Point Nimbochromis Venustus Sciaenochromis Fryeri Electric Blue Tangerine Peacocks Crimson Tide
  12. That may be so, according to the manual/advice and I have purigen in the middle and bottom. However I have personally noticed that more crap builds up on the bottom media basket, and mechanical sponge, thus it means I have to recharge my purigen more often than not. What I have added though is some Japanese matting to the first media basket. This helps with removing large particles that get through the mechanical sponges.
  13. Bought one .... discovered a big crack in the perspex plastic ... so returned it. Also the tubing supplied was not enough. Was looking at using it to supplement my FX5 filter in my 6 foot tank.
  14. Carbon - Replace every 6 -8 weeks Purigen - depends on bioload of tank? The colour of the purigen will let u know when to recharge/swap. (Dark Brown/black). For me I recharge my purigen every 2 -3 months. For many though it can last 5-6 months before a recharge.
  15. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good aquarium maintenance company on Brisbane Southside? All for that matter anyone local to Drewvale / Browns Plains Area that would be willing to help with routine maintenance on a few fish tanks for 4 weeks?
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