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  1. u still got that devil?? im interested

  2. Hey guys as stated above my red devil is starting to get black/grey colours under her scales this was not there yesterday and looks like it is spreading she is a full grown adult roughly 30 cm's in length so she is not juvenile which i do know juvenile red devils change colours from black to red she seems to be solking a little aswell does anyone know if there is a problem or is this just a normal red devil thing and they change as adults aswell please help as i do not want to lose this fish
  3. hey mate im trying to sell my male red devil 30 cm in size for $30 i was wondering if you would be interested in him at all?

  4. Kev i brought them second hand so i dont have the dvd's to help me other wise i would of figured it out but thanks for the comment.
  5. thanks kev that makes alot of sense. also i do have fine particles in my tank at the moment with a fine filtration pad on top of media in the top basket i am guessing this is in the wrong spot and also why i have fine particles in my tank. is it correct to say it should be on the bottom basket not the top (the media pad that is) Thanks again Kev
  6. so in that case is the top basket the right place or the bottom basket and also thanks for the information im not 100% with the fx5 yet i own 2 but not full of knowledge lol i also think it should be on the bottom basket if it is the last place the water it
  7. bottom and top i see lol hmmmm in the bottom makes sense it it sucks from the bottom ill just wait for a couple more posts
  8. hey guys. This would be a question more for people that have an fx5 i guess but i was wondering where abouts i should put the purigen into my fx5 for the best outcome? i am getting some in the next couple of days and have been told it needs to be in the right area of the filter for best outcomes. Oh also can the fish overdose on this stuff if you use to much????? Thanks heaps guys
  9. Hey my fish friends. As you all know you have to always spend money on your chemicals for your lovely fish. Well i think this time i do my chemical order i will look on the internet (it has to be cheaper hahha) i was wanting a couple of suggestions for what sites to look at. of course there is redlands and that is one place i am looking but i would like to know a couple more to see if there is cheaper prices around i am looking for seachem products and also a large tub of spectrum as my fishies love the stuff im looking for a couple more things but mainly i am looking for the things mentioned. so if any of you lovely people know a site that sells the brands i am looking for feel free to let me know. Thanks again guys Leon
  10. thats alot of one fish lol what are you doing with them all?
  11. Hey all Thanks to all that tried to help me out and a special thanks to Ronny and Seph as you 2 were correct i found little bits of gravel trapped in the impeller and now they both work fine... THANKS HEAPS GUYS Leon
  12. I Think the flow rate is a little weak but im not 100% sure as i have not got it to work yet so i havent seen it work to its full potential yet... so check the impellor you think? they are second hand but they do work.. Cheers
  13. i thought that to dead fish floating but there is no micro airbubbles coming from the filter and it sounds like the noise is actually coming from the engine its like a crunching kind of noise you know the noise they make if there is no water in them it sounds like that... im only new to these fluvals so im not 100% sure and if it is air how do i get it out due to the fluval shutting off every 24 hours to get rid of the air and also it shuts down when you first connect it all up and spits heaps of bubbles out hmmmmm this is annoying hahaha
  14. hey guys my fx5 is making a horrible noise from the engine area i think most of you should know what it sounds like i have heard alot of cannister filters make this noise when they first start up but the fx5 didnt stop making it. does anyone know what it could be its way to hard to explain the noise so im just hoping someone knows what the noise is hahahaha as i said its the noise that they all make at the start but the noise does go away but for some reason this one is still there Thanks guys Leon Problem is now fixed thanks to everyone that helped me out
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