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  1. For regas of chillers contact a fridge mechanic or car a/c shop, they run the same gas types and should be able to regas if still in good order.
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  3. Off topic slightly I know, but if using Purigen then DO Not use melafix or pimafix. This clogs the pores and bonds to the media leaving it useless, and un-rechargable.
  4. I agree with aussie123 , You should adjust pH before the event and bring up slowly over 2 - 5 days. After the event ,as in your instance it's just asking for more trouble and additional stress on the inhabitants. Hope things turn out well for you all the same.
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  6. Hi Chester, sorry to hear about your loss, but you say pH stable. What's the pH at? Ammonia ? etc As fish from auctions can be bagged for many hours before the auction even starts pH in bags can drop significantly and ammonia levels can rise. Being too keen to get them into a tank can inadvertantly lead to pH shock, remembering a difference of .2 to .5 can has very negative results upon already stressed fish. In the intrim you could add some salt at 1tsp per 20lt to help ease stress and tollerance to ammonia levels if any are present.
  7. Yes as cav has said, but refrain from feeding till day 4-6 from hatching as they take awhile to absorb their yolk sac and become mobile. Then fresh BBS is the go and regular wc to boot, they'll soon start to put on size quickly.
  8. Hi Bendan, With salt water they are definitely a big NO NO as they react with water and leach a sorts of nasties into the water killing corals and at times fish. Unsure of the freshwater response but I'd presume it would be similar on a lesser scale. May also react adversely with water conditioners etc.
  9. Hi there and Welcome aboard. Info is great here and always something of interest to help in your searches.
  10. As dff said juices from frozen foods are high in phosphates and other things. Also the RowaPhos can take awhile before you notice big improvements if levels are above .5 mg/L usually see improvement within 7 days, usually good for about 6 mths or until discoloured dark brownish. There are seive / screens available for daphnia and rottifers if you wish to flush them clean before feeding out to your tanks.
  11. Personally I'd opf for a new end piece as the integrity is now gone, looks like 5mm plus chipped out. The last thing anyone needs is a midnight waterfall
  12. Should be available at most LFS , bottle sizes start from 50ml
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  14. kilo1

    Where they trifascita

  15. Thanks Deeg, Lighting is a 4 foot with twin 150w Halides (14000k) and 4 PL style tubes ( 2x actinic 2x Daylight)
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