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  1. Can you mix south with central and north American cichlids ? does it matter
  2. I have 12cm JD I think he is male. I love the breed. at the moment I have him with 2 Geo's 10cm. I have been told its not good to mix south with north/ central American cichilds. Just would like some ideas for tank mates. the tank is 3ft will upgrade soon to 6ft when I have money and fish are bigger. cheers
  3. How do you help American cichilds grow faster I have JD, Jag, Dovii and 2 Geos all small
  4. I have a 3ft with JD, GT , Geo and orange head all small ATM moving to six foot once bigger
  5. Is there a Schooling fish that can be put with American's that won't get eaten ?
  6. Just want some ideas for an American Set upi was thinking sand with driftwood. I have all small under 10cm a JD, rivulatus, Geo and Orange head. The GT seems to be bossing the rest around any way of stopping that ?
  7. Its a 3 foot tank with jack dempsey , a green terror and a geo. All very small at the moment biggest is Jd at 8-10cm i want them to grow all together.
  8. what are the best bottom feeder or catfish for American tank ?
  9. Hey mate that looks awesome. what type of sand is that ?
  10. I have only bread convicts. I'm thinking of breeding Jack Dempsey's ?
  11. Looking at trying to Breed some Cichlid's What the best types to breed. Nothing to hard I don't want Convicts because there is no money in them
  12. This is for a 3-4 foot tank running power heads at the moment. Getting really dirty
  13. Really that's a long time. once they are at size what is the chances of them breeding ?
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