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  1. Thanks everyone, some very good input there. I wonder if anyone with an aquarium retail background would have anything to add? These people would be the experts in seeing the trends come and go.
  2. I just want to start a discussion here...What fish atm are 'In' or popular? What type of fish are not so popular with aquariums enthusiasts these days? And what fish in the next year or so do you think will be all the hype? Me personally, I love Americans. I've tried it all but the yanks are hands down winners.
  3. Whatever you do don't get a Barra. They are crazy and will eat anything. I had one eat a saratoga that was longer than it once.
  4. Really nice fish. I can't find any like that for sale, they are all too small.
  5. Same thing happens with mine every couple of weeks. Its nothing to worry about though. The black just seems to come and go when it pleases.
  6. What is the LFS? I will be keen to check it out. I did the rounds today and I am always looking for more to see.
  7. Nice fish...I brought a big one last week. Where did you get yours?
  8. Yeah the dovii might have to go at some point because my plan was to have all males. oops.
  9. Anyone wanna tell me what they think?
  10. I don't know if this is relevant or not but I would like to see the true Green Terror in Australia.
  11. I have three new fish all around the 15cm mark. My guess is the Jag and Fenestratus are males and the dovii is a female. Here are the pics: Jag - Fenestratus - Dovii - Altogether -
  12. I've always had my archers in fresh and they have thrived. I've also put salt in my rainbow tanks that have other small natives to kill off parasites and prevent parasites and the fish were all fine too. Natives are pretty hardy.
  13. I'm looking at buying a 6x2x2 but I don't want to go all out and buy a stand too. What is the a method of making a stand that will be reliable and efficient? Milk Crates are one idea but will this even work with a tank that big? Any advice appreciated.
  14. In the tank I'm thinking about using I have a pair of Gold Saum atm. If I used the overstocking technique and got a few larger Americans ( 12 - 15cm or so) how would I go?
  15. I would like to know what species people have succesfully kept together. I've never tried an American Display tank but I am thinking of doing so. The tank that I am thinking of using is only a 4 ft but it is a thick tank. I really would just like to know what works and what won't. The fish that have crossed my mind are: Gold & White Saum Fenestratus Jack Dempsey Jaguars Synspillium Blackbelts Texas I know all these fish wont go in together but they are some of the species that I wouldnt mind keeping. I have seen a few youtube videos of American Displays. Whether they work long term or not I don't know.
  16. I had the same experience. I've always had natives and not too long ago I had malawis too. But I found they were boring too. I sold them off and got my breeding pairs of Americans. I'm pretty happy with my native and American tanks atm. I'm thinking of moving on a pair of Gold Saums though to make way for jags. But you can't go wrong with Americans...until they kill eachother haha
  17. Hey Samo,

    In my displays I have Wild Caught Crimson Spotted Rainbows, Chequred Rainbows, Eatern Rainbows, Purple Spotted Gudgeons, Empire Gudgeons, Bass and Some clown loaches and Plecos.


  18. Why don't you get convicts if you want to breed feeders? Especially if The JD's are eating the fry...Convicts are meant to be good parents too. Anyway that might be something to think about. Good luck
  19. My Gold Saums have just laid and they are continuously lip locking and fighting. The eggs are still there but I'm worried it will get too violent. What should I do?
  20. I had a similar thread a couple of weeks ago. From my experience the best fish you can have when it comes to personaility, interaction and colour is the Gold Saum. If you want to keep your fish in pairs then these guys are easy to breed to. If you want a single fish a red devil is good. After a few people on here suggested it to me I got one and he is always following me from one end of the tank to the other. I hope that helps.
  21. I just saw him and his head shape and thought I need to have that fish! I kinder want him to be a red devil cos I like my fish pure or as pure as I can get them. I'm not a fan of hybrids usually.
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