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  1. These guys are one of the first to get white spot with change of temp I haven't stuck mine outside yet still to cold
  2. peter ford for ibc's (food grade) jade peach fish of choose for aquaponics (grow fast 1.2kg -2kgs of food to 1kg of eattable fish, 3x the omega3) google "Murray Hallam" has a great dvd out most suppiers would be taking orders for fish now yet try S.E.Q hope this helps good luck
  3. Got a bloke that breeds Africans in Gladstone if interested can flick you a email address?
  4. try exotic fish connection rockley had one in stock last week
  5. Reduse airation though as egg can get damaged. And as mentioned if eggs haven't bEen kicked leave them with dad
  6. Blech the veg first and only put in over night and remove in morning. Watch peramiters and good luck. Congrats your a daddy
  7. Mickeal mate stop by annerley aquarium was in there last week nice rainbows ATM.Kid stop the crawl sorry bud
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. No longer at fish chicks and no he doesn't use computers. Mate give us a call...
  10. Put a piece of Lettuce in over night lights off and remove in the morning should have loads on it try it a few times Won't remove all yet will help control enough that loaches can manage! Also perhaps reduse feed as to get loaches hungry
  11. Yep Yoyo's or clowns loach will seek and distroy good luck
  12. Hey bud stick to your rainbows.... Bloody turn coat:) Didn't you just feed those cardinals to your rainbows anyways.... Keep us posted.
  13. What I have done in the past is buy a container wide or long enough to go across the tank The lip of the container sits over the edge of the tank whilst the bottom is in the water. Drill small holes through the bottom of container place air stone in with them This method work well as you can place male and eggs in before hatching. Has worked for me for years.
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