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  1. this looks to be a crowntail female
  2. Just to let people know how it all went. It was a great show with entrants from 5 countries. three states and over 300 entries. Betta Australis raised $700 for the it's charity the Ipswich Hospital foundation. The Clubs President Jodi-Lea Matheson presenting a certificate of appreciation to Robyn Bannister-Tyrrell, Marketing Manager of Riverlink Shopping Centre. "][/url] Jodi-Lea Matheson presenting a $700 cheque to the Ipswich Hospital Foundation Events Co-ordinator, Ashton Greaves "][/url] A Couple of photos of the stand just before opening time. "][/url] cheers
  3. Have to agree Grumundi, I've got an old honda genny and it still starts first time every time. During the floods we also ran an el cheapo 2 stroke bunnings genny for 4 days straight night & day. It started getting a little hard to start after refuelling by the end. Interestingly we were getting 6 hours running on a 2.5 litre tank using standard unleaded but when we switched to premium due to nothing else available we got 7 hours running time. C
  4. Hi, A small tank is better to keep you Betta in, as you will be able to see it a lot clearer. Crowntails are a beautiful form of bettas but prone to tail /fin “rot” if kept in small containers where their fins brag on the bottom all the time. When he settles in use a mirror to get him to flare so you can get a good look at his fins. Hopefully his fin rot will just be wear due to the poor housing conditions he was in and will right itself now he is in clean deeper water . I would also recommend getting some Ketapang leaves or extract for his water. This will help a lot. As bristoon has said, go to Fishchicks as they are the only shop that specialises in bettas and have everything you will need for them. c
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  6. Just plain 10mm foam will do fine. The only time I put wood under a tank is if I’m using a lot of rocks in the setup. Any ply will do minimum of12mm thick, and if you give it a coat with lacquer all the better. C
  7. There are a few fish that will do this like white clouds, paradise fish, zebra and leopard danios, Aust. natives, goldfish, gold barbs,rosy barbs. c
  8. Sounds like a good experiment. I would think you would need 4 stand alone tanks identically set up and then water changed from a single water source. Putting them on a system may have the chance of the testing chemicals dissolving into the water and then circulating through the other tanks. Exposure to chemicals from the other fish diets would be very low but they would be exposed to it none the less. Good luck with the testing C
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  11. It’s more than clear no matter what is done someone will whine about it. I think having a go at a sale day like the bird clubs do has merit. Registration or booking a table, numbering and bagging tags are done the same as for an Auction. This will allow trace backs for problem items. Booking a table can be done from a fortnight in advance. This would give organisers a good idea of lots and seller numbers. All bagging becomes completely the sellers issues. All fish stress, deaths and when to leave is also the sellers issue. A set number of tables and one seller per table. If someone wants to sell 50 bags of electric yellows then knock yourself out. A couple of good signs about bags must be tagged and size limits should let buyers be aware of what to look out for. T
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  13. Not having seen these myself , Has anyone that has bought one of these “grey imports” checked the voltage to make sure they are rated for our power supply? Are the new plugs waterproof? Could be in for a shock (pun intended) if you get water in the plug when your cleaning the filter out. Dare I ask who is the online shops selling these??? C
  14. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before doing anything. Do all the fish I want to keep need the same water parameters? Do I really need a sump? Or would the 4 footer be better used to grow out fry? Can you quarantine/isolate any or all the tanks on the system? If the water flows down progressively through all the tanks then into the sump, you will have last tanks being filled with increasingly dirtier water. This would mean you are trying to keep, breed and grow your fish in the most toxic water on the system. C
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