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  1. brendo


    Baby bristlenose
  2. brendo


    Will petracola catfish eat bay bristle nose
  3. brendo

    Mixing Them Up

    Thanks heaps for the help I will separate them asap
  4. I am getting in to Calvus and frontozas and conpresiceps but I still have my Africans such as Johanni peacocks venustus yellows blues and therein the same tank is this a problem and wich ones can I keep
  5. I have had 3 Females with 2 males for about a month now 1 of the females is about 2 years old and the males are about 1 year old and I have a log and a PVC pipe in there what am I doing wrong cause I have heard they are easy
  6. brendo

    Fish won't breed

    Lol. Thanks mate
  7. brendo

    Fish won't breed

    Male is 13cm and breeding with the other female the female in question is about 10 or 11 cm tank mate are electric yellow and Johanni but they are breeding fine to its just her that is not They are in a 4x18x18 ph is about 7.5 to 8
  8. Have a rubin res female that I have had for about 4 or 5 months and she has not bread with my male yet what should I do
  9. brendo


    Thanks heaps for the advice I would get a ceremic one but I can't find them up here but I will keep looking
  10. brendo


    Also want to Know if three female one male is ok
  11. brendo


    Thanks for the advice
  12. brendo


    Will they lay eggs in PVC pipe or do I have to get a log
  13. Thanks guys its my mates fish so I will surely give him his options cheers