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  1. For Sale/WTB/EOI:-

    Type of fish/goods:-

    Sex(if known):-



    Qty available:-



    Shipping Y/N:-




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  3. Type of fish:

    Sex(if known):



    Qty available:



    Shipping Y/N:



  4. yeah thats great thanks for that mate ive got onto a couple now and had some luck with them. thanks for the help
  5. ok then can you help me out and give me some names or do i have to ring every pet store in logan lol. thanks mate
  6. ok will do thanks for that
  7. yeah i have thought of that and have rang all the local shops around me and noone does it anymore thats why i thought id ask on here
  8. hi people im just wondering if anyone in the local brisbane area knows of any fish shops that buy or trade fish with the public as the one i used to go to has closed down in the last thew months. somtimes its just easy to take them down and give them to the lfs if ua need quick sales or space thanks for help with this people
  9. they must be some of the nicest piks ive seen in a while thats verry cool
  10. hi mate thanks its tom i had to change my account as i lost everything on old site and couldnt re open it here but oh well im back now. yeah its actually a fat mpanga have got a thew salousi in there somewere. but they always cruising around so its hard to catch them in pik how are all your fishies goin. cheers mate
  11. yeah its all good mate and its not a chewere its a mpanga actually but yeh just would like to find out about the last photo i posted. cheers
  12. got a pik up of another i cant identify any help would be great. cheers
  13. a thew piks of my african tank hope youse like. sorry bout the dirty glass should have gave it a clean thirst cheers
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