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  1. They might be the same have a look tomorrow and hit me up about the striped sd when your in.
  2. Donny it's a good excuse to drop in and say hello it's been a while. Tristan we got them in as columbian wood cats if that's helps I will try for pics tomorrow.
  3. Hi all who's going and what are you taking ?
  4. Hi Andy try caustic soda safe for tanks and cleans up well great for stains.
  5. For you Warner I will go to extra effort to get them In. As for Americans we get the odd ball in every now and then we will work on them next
  6. I will look Into them grubby and I will le you know
  7. As for the range it is growing slowly I am still trying to move on some old stock. As for price it's getting better a few examples Duboisi 3-4 cm $19.95 ask for forum discount and take a further 10% off if you are a petcity club member you get another 10% that's 20% off the original price of live stock witch brings that fish down from $19.95 to $15.96. We have some calvus and alto comps for around $24.95, ikola for much the same price some assorted peacocks for $14.95 some Lombardi for $9.95 just to name a few so it's worth a drive down for a look. Gavin
  8. Sounds good ill buy the scotch and its a date
  9. You should drop in and have a look Donny just don't tell Ben might get cranky lol
  10. The aphanes don't usually come in pink the frondosa and the eschmeyeri do and they get mixed up a lot. The other two do come up a lot for sale in the trade but the aphanes are so very rare ppl go decades without seeing one on offer
  11. Good to see a new range of quantities available this will be popular good luck with it.
  12. Yes the generator has been going all morning and looks like they will be for a while all live stoke is alive and well should be back up and running as soon as the power comes back
  13. Hi all just to let you all know petcity is out of power today and we won't be open for trading for any emergancy problems please pm me Gavin and ill try my best to help.
  14. You can get a new tank that size for under $100 but in saying that a tube of silicone and a piece of glass to repair a crack should only set you back around $20. So it can be a cheap fix if its just the silicone you can cut it all out and redo it one tube of silicone should be all you need
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