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  1. $250 for breeding size L333's at the start of the year. We should put largest single purchase of fish on here next. This hobby can be expensive to outfit an entire fishroom.
  2. It's just after 2am and I've finally finished my water changes and have rescaped a 4 foot with 2 partitions so it has 3 segments. I plan to have a breeding pair of catfish in each segment but as for what types I am unsure.
  3. Hard to believe these are only worth 15 pounds each in the U.K but huge dollars here. Definitely a sellers market. Good luck with your purchase.
  4. Are fair enough John. Congrats on the babies though.
  5. Here's some of the ratios for directly breeding fish, so you can get a better idea. Kind regards, Graham P.S. Keep some of your L333's for me
  6. Do an exact count on the fry and post the ratio. I'm studying fish genetics at uni so i'd be very interested to know what sort of dominance gene you have. Also from the ratio if you are accurate I'll be able to say if its the male or female with the gene and narrow down the breeding for you.
  7. I think hes just going through a hard time right now. Hopefully he responds to my message soon.
  8. I can't wait to see how this one ends..... Bravest man in the fish hobby right now. I wanted to buy a 6x2x2 yesterday and got a clip on the ear for it. :/ Im living through you mate! pictures to follow please!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. I moved a 8x2x2 and that needed 6 big guys. 4 lifting and 2 spotting encase someone slips or there is a tight turn where you need people to move. Just saying 4 people total for something that size could end badly. Goodluck with the move if i was in brissy i'd be keen to help.
  11. Used otto for the last 10 years, only had 3 die when i run 15 at a time all the time. Fantastic filters, easy 2 clean, easy 2 service and do one hell of a job pushing water around. I recc the 1800 or 2200 for power use to actual filtration.
  12. I have a colony of frontosa 7 bars of breeding age 2 M 4 F. Normally only the alpha male is really dark but recently all the girls started going dark as well. I was wondering if the fish going really dark is a sign of fish starting to have breeding interest. The water parameters are ph 8, temp 27, 8 foot tank, 0 ammonia, 0 nitrate due to common water changes, UV sterilizer on the tank, tank is mostly bare with no hides and has gravel. Feeding is done twice a day with small amounts each time. Cherry shrimp (live) once or twice a week, hikari sinking pellets, frozen brine shrimp once every two days. Anyway if anyone knows if this is a good sign or not would be great, also any advice on what has worked in the past for others with frontosa's would be greatly appreciated. Clipper
  13. Fin growth or repair is based on available metabolic energy in the fish. Continuing to feed them regularly is pretty much the only thing you can do, reducing current in the tank to stop additional tearing is probably the second most important factor to consider. Adding hides and removing caves or surfaces the fish can catch on also helps but if its a fish removal of the longfin or the culprit is necessary. I keep a lot of longfins and tearing is common, when i see females or males with tearing i remove them and place them in a 2 foot tank which is bare bottom with a substantial amount of timber that have no sharp edges. The idea is to have the fish stop moving, in effect reducing the fishes need to use its fins which are already agitated. I've found it takes about 2-3 weeks on average to repair tear damage depending on severity but i normally get it early. I have the ph at 7 with temp at 28 degrees and add zuccini twice a day when time permits. Consider that the fish are stressed as they won't be swimming at peak capacity due to tears so the current in this tank is minimal with an aquaclear 110 and nothing else adding to water flow. My LFS said adding melafix is a good place to start to help repair any damage by stopping irritation on the torn fins, i'm not sure how or what it really does but i always add it to this tank and so far had excellent results. As for tank mates, i generally keep longfins with very gentle fish and not anything that likes to nibble or chase smaller individuals.
  14. Will you have more fish varieties available soon?
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