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  1. thanks frink, i'll give it a go
  2. Hi all, any idea on how to get rid of salt that has dried up on the outside of my hood, without scratching the plastic. Its a pain cheers clownie
  3. good one, keep the pics coming. any pics of the parents? theyre such a good lookin fish arent they cheers col
  4. not boring at all mate, sounds great. first of many spawns by the sound of it. the baby brine hatchery is easy, if i can do it.... good luck and post some pics if ya can cheers col
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  7. thanks guys, that post from pete, i only read that one yesterday and is v interesting/helpful. that friends n foes looks the goods, i'll see if that fits. cheers again
  8. hi all, just wondering if the site could have a facility to save your favourite breeders (you know what i mean ). reason being, i cant be buggered going thru the whole members list and manually keeping a record of breeders/enthusiasts on the gold coast. you forget who's who and not all the locations are identifiable on the posts (despite many requests). i cant get to the brisbane/sunshine coast area to purchase fish as much as i'd like to, hence the need to maybe have a "save as favourite" list, or something like that. whaddya reckon mods, do-able? just an idea col
  9. me too pete, me too. a very handy table that, one that i hope i dont need in the future cheers mate
  10. thanks guys, appreciate the reply. i'll get onto that straight away cheers col
  11. absolutely fantastic pics mate and beautiful fish, well done. a pleasure to look at col
  12. hi all a couple of days ago i came home after work and noticed my dom male dolphin's eyes were extended, sort of "pop-eye". he's not behaving normal also just hugging the top of the tank and not feeding. my guess is he mayve injured his head (as sometimes the fish "freak out" when you walk past the tank, god knows why??). i have five dolphins, i think 4 males, 1 female, approx 13-15 cms. i can only assume its an infection from a gash but....the others have had gashes before. NOW i look at him closely, his membrane under his extended eyes seem to have been broken/busted and are very red. any advice as to treatment? i'd prefer not to lose him as they take ages to get to the size they are. i'll attach pics if i can. if they dont work and you think you may be able to help, i'll attach via email. they are hopeless pictures also but hopefully you'll get the idea. in the second pic, its the dolphin just above the maingano thanks all col
  13. alana, i pm'd you and recvd no reply. as gofast mentioned, do a water change before you go, maybe measure your food out (good idea gofast) and things should be fine. good luck col
  14. hey smiley i'm ALWAYS checking for ziggys posts, sounds like he has some top quality tangs. a 3 hr trip for me tho...bugger
  15. excellent stuff guys n gals. thank you all very much. if you had to say, where would the best tangs be (price and selection-wise) col
  16. hi all. can anyone suggest a "fish shop itinerary" or trip in brisbane for a girlfriend and i coming from the gold coast. she's into americans and i'm into africans. weve done all the gold coast shops and now want to have a look in brissie. i'm especially into tangs. so if someone could let me know from sth of brissie to north of brissie the shops that you'd recommend (so i can ruin my street directory with markers etc) thanks all col
  17. excellent pic and v impressive fish matey. any spare gold comps (female)?? ive got two but nothing happening on the breeding. excellent looking male and male balck calvus well done col
  18. mark i was only in there sat'dy and they only mustve got them in as they werent there on satdy. yep they are exxy that place BUT you can find the odd bargain there. always worth popping in to check them out. as long as you know what things are worth hey cheers col
  19. mate, what a wanker. i dont care what his personal problems are, you dont do that. i agree with the others, stick up a vid or a still of him and we'll keep an eye open. also a list of what he stole so we can be careful before we buy somethin on here of yours name and shame mate col
  20. japes, my fish have been doing that on and off for years. and it doesnt matter what type of fish ive had (sth american/african). when i approach my tank, if you walk normally over to it they scatter a bit but if you crouch down like youre getting their container of food out, theyre fine. maybe an instinctive thing, approching them at their level rather than from above (like a bird/predator in the wild perhaps). i know that prob sounds stupid, but... it IS annoying tho, people come over to visit and say, "oh arent they nice fish" and then walk up and WHAM, big freak-out. i have to warn people first good to see it not just my fish eh.... cheers col
  21. mate thats the best looking sump ive ever seen. i'm not an expert on sumps but geez.... thats gunna be an awesome setup once you get it going, especially with all the good gear (ie FX5 etc etc). best of luck and keep those pics coming. v envious.
  22. second that mooch. welcome matey. pm me when you have some gold heads going cheers col
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  24. cheers HFF, didnt think of pellets either. excellent ta col
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