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  1. home today, give me a call 0424510591

  2. Hey pickle interested in your sailfins would like 2

  3. G'day pickles! (I call my nefew and nieces that, lol) this is my number 0403935468. Plz MSG me tomorrow morning with address and I'll respond. Will be doing x-mas shopping first before I stop by. How many do you have? I'm after at least two. A male and female.

  4. How many cube tanks , size and price, Pickle

  5. Hi mate, How much for the 50 Azureus at about 40-60mm.

  6. How much are you looking for

  7. Do you still have the Colony of 8 C Azureus $150 avalible, if so could you send me a pic of them, 0424510591

  8. Hi mate how many marble Dimidiochromis compressiceps do you have, and do you have breeders for sale

  9. Hi mate interested in the bi-colour any chance you are heading to Redlands pet centre this weekend. If so I would take them.

  10. Hey mate I buy your colony give me a call on 0434342609

  11. Hey mate i take it your not spliting the blue dolphfins?? If so how mate

  12. hi pickle, still super interested in the yellows!


  13. Hi mate I will take them can pick them up Friday morning if that's ok

  14. Hi mate I will take them can pick them up Friday morning if that's ok

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