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  1. The pump is limited already by the amount and size of the holes in the spray bar. Because it pushing the water about 2 metres high the actual flow would be around 8000 lph if I had to guess. Which is cycling the rand about 8 times an hour which is about right for what I'm after.
  2. bugger i didnt really want to limit the pump at all as ill have tangs in there and they love the extra clean water. what about limiting the flow one return so the others go into full drain mode ??
  3. Hey guys I know this has probably been done to death but I'm going to ask again. I just filled up my new office tank which is a 4 x 2 x 3 with a 3 foot sump. I have 3x25 mm returns and 1 25 mm coming from a 10,000 LPh sump pump. I have the T pieces at the back of the bulk heads already but I'm getting a surge gurgle about every minute or so. At fish I had the returns under the water but that didn't help. I also have tried a t piece on the bottom end as I've read I will let the air escape and not bubble. But that didn't help either. If I block the top of the top t piece the drainage amps right up to the point of then sucking air because it drops the water level in the tank. Any one got any other ideas???
  4. Cheers for the advice baz.
  5. so im having an idea and i would like some others input. the sump generally takes care of the water but ive noticed in my 5 footer catty tank i still get a slight build up of waste on the floor. first of all, can you use an under gravel filter with fine sand ? if so if i was to hook a canister filter intake pipe to the top of the UGF out pipe would i get the same affect but stronger as the flow rate would be sucking the water through stronger.???
  6. It's tidal so it's brackish and they r 100% bullrout as I took one to aquarama because I didn't believe what I had stumbled on. They confirmed it.
  7. thats what i figured when i decided to sump the 8 footer. i just did the research and loaded it full of media and put 2x 13,000lph return pumps. technically my tank cycles about 18 times and hour. my africans seem to like the raging torrent in the tank and it keeps it crystal clean.
  8. or you can go throw netting in the creek behind ballymore footy stadium and catch them. i have caught a heap there in the last 6 months when collecting mullet for bait.
  9. jebus im slack. i do a 25% change on my 8ft display ever month or 2. and even then i ***** and moan about it. i top up the sump when it starts to get low but other than that i just leave it alone as my african are happy the way it is. every time i do a change they all start getting alittle frisky and fighting. so i just leave it be.
  10. its 800L total including the sump. im looking at the 7500lph pumps at the moment. does it matter if its more like 9-10 cycles per hour?
  11. hey guys im in the middle of setting up and 800L sumped tang tank. what size return pump should i be looking for? is there any bad points about going alittle overkill with the pump ?
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  13. nice setup. how much evaporation do you get by having the tops on the ibc open like you do?
  14. i already have 7 other free caves in the tank. they all just seem to like this one.
  15. from a quick glance it looks like i have 1 male and 2 females then but ill have a closer look on the weekend. how old do they have to be before they start breeding as they all seem to be hanging around the one cave and are all taking turns in spending time in there at the moment while the male guards the front door.
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