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  1. Hey Dan!

    Hope all is well with you and yours

    Happy 2015


  2. Hey bud, im keen on your heaters. Sold to me if they are available still please pm me back so I know thanks.

  3. Hey mate, was wondering if your heaters are still for sale?

  4. guys, since I am selling everything, they will be cheap. I have been swamped with questions on pricing so I hope u don't get upset that I can't give you a price now. But it will be cheap enought to walk out the door. I got more stuff to sort out tonight and will try to upload pics tomorrow. so far the gear has taken up 6 (900x1800) tables. Cheers dan
  5. Hi All, thanks for all the supportive replies. That's one thing I have missed dearly from not being in this hobby. It's like one big AA group. "Hi I'm Dan, I used to have 500 tanks and now I have downsized to 2" I have heaps of pre-made stands for sale. They are painted white. they are the uprights (2 posts and horizontal cross bars) about 600mm apart. All you have to do is screw in your horizontal supports and you have a rack, it holds 3 tanks high but i would suggest go 2 high cos the 3rd row is about 1.8 mtr high. it's about 500 wide. here's a pic here's more pics of stuff I have for sale. Chemicals, lights (2', 3' 4') with or without bulbs. UPS backup poly pipes 12mm, 19mm, 25mm poly fittings, (Tees, elbows, taps) pumps, filters high density pvc pipes, taps and fittings UV steriliser, auto fish feeders, Microwave $50 ono portable box A/C (will do a 3x3 shed) $50 ono
  6. Here's a few pics of stuff for sale. So far, it's taken up half a 6 x8 foot trailer and I still have about 5 times the gear to drag out.
  7. Hi

    Would you have any canister filters?


  8. Hey

    Umm just wondering if ur selling any breeding racks/tanks this weekend as I live on the sunny coast and need to know weather to travel or not ?

  9. Hi All, Most of you might know me and but I have not been on the forum for about 9 months or a year now. I did have a very big setup and have shut it down and sold most of it off. I noe have the remaining gear like heaters, pumps, pipes, chemicals, a few tanks and too many stuff to mention. So i'm having a aquarium drygoods garage sale at my place this sat. First in best dressed. No holds. the address is: 1586 Old cleveland Road, Belmont. It is 1km east when you get off the gateway motorway. If you get to Hawkins Nursery, you have gone passed it. I have a bike trailer at the front for sale. I will post pics of stuff up on the forums in the next couple of days. I have enough gear to fill a trailer so there's a lot of stuff and everything must go. Cheers Dan
  10. hye dan are you around tomorrow, we are heading down that way around 10.45am,

    we will bring the pump to show you

  11. mate,

    I will give you another one. Let me know when u come down my way. I am so sorry for all the trouble you get from my gear.


  12. hey the last pump we got off you burnt out, smoke smell everywhere sitting in 2 ft water too.. do you know where we can get another big pump to do 2 bays asap please.. stores up here so expensive

  13. hey dan, do you still have the 2ft x 1 ft tanks think you had 6 of them? we are adding to our setup we got off you, by the way pump goes well cheers for that..

    0414297446 jason and suzanne

  14. the buyer is a forum member and that's all I'll say. I won't be breeding fish for a short time cos I just got too much work on but when I get back to it, I will be doing it bigger and better, faster and smarter.
  15. well the funny things was a month ago I had a post up selling these guys and I got flogged by about half a dozen people telling me that they are not WC cos they know every fish that comes into this country. Anyway, when I put some light onto the burundies the blue in the fish just lit up and they looked magnificent. The buyer's jaw just dropped. The buyer worked out that what he paid for the colony would be paid back with this one mouthful. The best I got from this colony was 4 mouthfuls in one milking. Over 250 frys. Seeing is believing. What's even better is that the colony had about 10 girls and only 2-3 males. So so the buyer if you are reading this. flog the frys for a fortune.
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