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  1. What are you - You are definitely getting older. LOL Snakehead (Aenigmachanna) or similar
  2. 30 plus Plants x 2. $40 EACH LOT. (1.33 EA) BYO bucket. COLLECT AT KEARNEY SPRINGS. NO POSTAGE. Each offer is currently in a 20 litre bucket waiting your collection. Taken from one of my healthy breeding tanks during a cleanout. No snails. I have an over abundance of guppies that I can add for each purchase. (ADDED A COUPLE OF GUPPIES TO EACH BUCKET TO GOBBLE UP MOSQUITO LARVAE)
  3. Agamyxis pectinifrons Spotted Raphael Catfish is my guess. lol.
  4. try google with Diatom algae . Its a wonder your bristlenose haven't cleaned it up.
  5. Soft fluffy brown algae which often collects on the bottom of the tank can be that known as Diatom algae. This type of algae normally occurs on a newly setup tank for the first 3 weeks or so?
  6. Sounds fishy to me - not a rusty?
  7. Great idea. Outside tanks in Warwick will be frozen over shortly. It will be a while til warm season. Best of luck.
  8. Everybody has facebook - some people even have more than one profile even... I will never have facebook
  9. It's good that your wife lets you keep tanks in her house. lol Welcome
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