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  1. Sounds fishy to me - not a rusty?
  2. Great idea. Outside tanks in Warwick will be frozen over shortly. It will be a while til warm season. Best of luck.
  3. Everybody has facebook - some people even have more than one profile even... I will never have facebook
  4. It's good that your wife lets you keep tanks in her house. lol Welcome
  5. I threw a few albino shortfin bristlenose babies 2 to 3cm long into my display tank and they cleaned it up overnight. They don't get devoured easily because they are SPIKEY.
  6. I just tried to google Brown Stains? Lol.
  7. Great photos. Welcome. I have been breeding lbino longfin for years ans hvenever seen that colour l.p.
  8. new woooooooorld first - equal responsibility for men and women in fish. You will be a legend.
  9. Wow I didn't know what to reply. Titanium - never rusts? lol
  10. Good rep backed up by action. Purchase delivered from Caboolture to Toowoomba very quickly. Thankl You
  11. I have a 1000 litre IBC which fills with rainwater from shed runoff. I have a 2 inch foam insulated tin roof on it. (helps reduce algae and keeps termperature down/up.) I dont aerate it. The big breeding bristlenose tank loves the algae. The main display tank has its own uv light in the filter and a few spare bristlenose/2 big pleco's. Any temperature changes with water changes are only a couple of dregrees and if anything encorage my bristlenose to breed. I trickle it into the tanks through a hose or add by bucket full and have had no problems. Unless I was going to use the IBC as a fish tank I don't see the need for aeration or water movement?
  12. Report post Welcome from Toowwoomba Qld. (Is Perth in Qld? or does some one wish it was?)
  13. With mixed parents (1 albino + 1 common) the general rule od thumb is that babies are as you see common bristlenose.
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