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  1. Great idea. Outside tanks in Warwick will be frozen over shortly. It will be a while til warm season. Best of luck.
  2. I have a number of pieces of java fern coplete with root system. 2 dozen plus? Attached image shows pieces laid out on pavers, The red piece is a 30cm ruler and some are larger. No snails - came out of my bristlenose tank and in a large bucket of water at the moment. Tie or super glue to your own wood or ornament. BYO bucket. Bulk sale of $50. SOLD
  3. Everybody has facebook - some people even have more than one profile even... I will never have facebook
  4. It's good that your wife lets you keep tanks in her house. lol Welcome
  5. I threw a few albino shortfin bristlenose babies 2 to 3cm long into my display tank and they cleaned it up overnight. They don't get devoured easily because they are SPIKEY.
  6. I just tried to google Brown Stains? Lol.
  7. Great photos. Welcome. I have been breeding lbino longfin for years ans hvenever seen that colour l.p.
  8. new woooooooorld first - equal responsibility for men and women in fish. You will be a legend.
  9. Wow I didn't know what to reply. Titanium - never rusts? lol
  10. Good rep backed up by action. Purchase delivered from Caboolture to Toowoomba very quickly. Thankl You
  11. I have a 1000 litre IBC which fills with rainwater from shed runoff. I have a 2 inch foam insulated tin roof on it. (helps reduce algae and keeps termperature down/up.) I dont aerate it. The big breeding bristlenose tank loves the algae. The main display tank has its own uv light in the filter and a few spare bristlenose/2 big pleco's. Any temperature changes with water changes are only a couple of dregrees and if anything encorage my bristlenose to breed. I trickle it into the tanks through a hose or add by bucket full and have had no problems. Unless I was going to use the IBC as a fish tank I don't see the need for aeration or water movement?
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