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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. this is my 8ft display, it can be seen both sides, front being the entry foryer and the rear in the hallway. i built this when i constructed the house myself ( i am a register builder ), took 4 person to put this tank in place, i have set the bench at 1100 so not too low and not too high ( tank is 700mm+ tall ), the staker stone wall took me 2 full days to do it myself, cutting the stone is a pain in the ass, and yes, i have use a step ladder to get fish out or to change things inside and sometimes you cant reach the bottom, you need a long arm and stand tall.... all plumbing and water is inside the cupboard next door so water change is at maximum ease. i wish i can have each of this in all areas in the house but we all know it wont happen....
  3. have you consider sell it and buy a new one?? :eureka:
  4. if they know what a heater is...
  5. amazing, i should thank k rudd for it so when it heals will be the time the dollar = us dollar
  6. this is the isolation tank i have relocated him to, the original tank was a 8ft and the heater was on one end standing up. cheers
  7. could be heater burn by the look of the m2 on the dollar. you know these creatures are very sensitive both emotional and physical. other tank mates are dollar as well and a big fronny and a big venustus and a few platy so the conclusion would be a heater burn from the 300w jager heater. thanks guys. this dollar will have a scar on the skin now fro the rest of its life or i will do a plastic surgery to it.. :worry:
  8. i got 2 pairs of jag size 25cm+ (female being smaller), when they breed the sand was dug up and all against the front of the tank and the rear, spawn onto the glass bottom. then when the babies are with them, they will attack anything that go into the tank.
  9. mate, a pool sand filter can get rid of all this theories i think and it wont cost 37k? :sweatdrop:
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. thanks george, do i stick the airstone under the aqua clay or just as long as i have air coming from the bottom ( movements) will be fine? also, those empty slots, whats best in them? i have half a bottle of purigen but dont have a bag, whats the best substitute bag to put in or have to buy those welded bag? do i put th epurigen together with the coral pieces ( last space before pump)? many thanks
  12. all, can you tell me the following set up in the pic is correct by the location of the pump. sump is for africans and is currently servicing a 4 foot and a 2 foot. i have got a 1600L/hr power head as the pump, aqua clay, glass noodles and couple of gutter guards, nothing in the skinny compartments ( please suggest), heater is situated with the pump. this is when its empty - cheers
  13. after your technical advice today, i can give you some advice on your project - basically are you depending on a budget? but anyway, if you want to use block and its a 1m high, you need to go to boral.com.au to find out the generic foundation design for the footings, otherwise if it failed in the future, you will be sorry. but if its under a meter high, than you can use 200mm block and dont have to be double if proper water proofing has been done inside the pond. you can render the inside of the pond first and then waterproof {they have different colours as well} ( waterproofer should be used due to warranty if it leaks ), i have done pond 3m long by half a meter high and 2m deep and it has 2 different tiers and water is pumping from bottom and go into top tier and into bottom tier, this way it acts like a water feature as well as pond. in regards to the viewing panel inserts, depends on how big you want it to be, either use aluminium frame ( commercial grade with thick 15-20mm glass but dear) or fix the glass directly to the block wall and silicon and water proof around it, block work across top of the opening should get some bond beam corefill and dont use galintel ( will rust). external you can use whatever, cladded stone, random stone etc., if you want to know more about it, let me know i will explain in detail. cheers
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